DITRA-HEAT By Schluter Systems

The DITRA-HEAT collection by Schluter Systems consists of a catalog of underfloor heating products, designed for easy installation and exceptional performance. Featuring the DITRA-HEAT cable, DITRA-HEAT membrane, and compatible thermostats, customers can choose to buy these items individually or opt for the convenient Schluter DITRA-HEAT kit. Available at GTD Supply, conveniently shop online for prompt shipping across Canada and the USA.
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Featured Schluter DITRA Products

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DITRA-Heat Thermostat for Heated Floors - 120V/240V - DITRA-HEAT-E
Regular price$209.83 CAD Sale price $188.85 CAD
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DITRA Heat Cable DHEHK12011
Schluter Systems DITRA-HEAT-E Floor Heating DHEHK Cable All Sizes
Regular price$252.24 CAD Sale price $227.02 CAD
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DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll
DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - DH512M - 134.5 Sq Ft
Regular price$433.05 CAD Sale price $389.75 CAD
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DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - Peel and Stick - DHPS512M - 134.5 Sq Ft
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DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - DUO - DHD810M - 108 Sq Ft
DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - DUO - DHD810M - 108 Sq Ft
Regular price$506.15 CAD Sale price $455.54 CAD
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DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - DUO Peel and Stick - DHDPS810M - 108 Sq Ft
Save 10%
DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - DUO - DHD810M - 54 Sq Ft
Regular price$253.10 CAD Sale price $227.77 CAD

Why should you use Schluter DITRA?

Reduce Energy Bills: DITRA offers an energy-efficient solution compared to traditional HVAC systems, using thermal radiation to transfer heat effectively, DITRA reduces the amount of energy wasted. Coupled with selective heating of specific areas rather than the entire property, the DITRA-HEAT kit is the sustainable solution to home heating.

Compatible with Various Flooring: Schluter DITRA-HEAT kit products are versatile, compatible with a range of flooring types including tile, stone, LVC, hardwood and more. This compatibility ensures customers can achieve their desired aesthetic while benefiting from the comfort and efficiency of underfloor warming, making it an ideal choice for any project.

DITRA-HEAT Kit Specifications

Easy Installation: DITRA-HEAT simplifies installation with its two-component system of DITRA-HEAT membrane and DITRA-HEAT cables. The cables are easily inserted into the membrane, creating a low-profile installation that doesn't raise floor height. Additionally, a peel & stick option eliminates the need for mortar, speeding up the installation process.

All-in-One Solution: DITRA-HEAT kit offers an all-in-one heating solution, providing not only efficient heating but also essential features like waterproofing, uncoupling, and noise reduction. Customers can enjoy the convenience of a single system, saving time and effort during installation while ensuring long-lasting performance.

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Schluter DITRA - Frequently Asked Questions

The Schluter DITRA system is a floor heating system that combines uncoupling and waterproofing properties with a built-in electric heating element. It works by embedding the heating cable within the DITRA-HEAT membrane, which is then installed directly under the tile, stone or other types of flooring.

The DITRA-HEAT system offers several advantages. It provides efficient and even heat distribution, the DITRA-HEAT membrane prevents tile cracking and delamination, and acts as a waterproofing and uncoupling membrane. It is also easy to install and compatible with various flooring types, with wifi and programmable thermostats for energy efficiency.

Yes, DITRA products are suitable for both residential and commercial property's. It can be used in homes, hotels, offices, and other commercial buildings where a comfortable and heated flooring solution is desired.

Yes, depending on the type of thermostat installed, homeowners can control the temperature of their DITRA heated floors using compatible smart and Wi-Fi thermostats, accessible through the Schluter Smart Thermostat app. Schluter also offers programmable thermostats, allowing customers to set schedules for their heated floors. For simpler options, non-programmable thermostats are also available from Schluter.

The DITRA-HEAT kit is designed to be durable and long-lasting. When installed and maintained properly, it can have a lifespan similar to that of the flooring material, typically ranging from 25 to 50 years or more.

Heated floors by Schluter have minimal maintenance requirements. Regular inspections to ensure proper functioning, cleaning the floor surface, and checking the thermostat settings are recommended. It is also important to follow any specific maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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