Schluter Systems Ditra Heat Uncoupling Membrane Roll

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Schluter-DITRA-HEAT is an innovative and modern floor heating system that is much improved compared to past underfloor heating systems. It is ultra-slim, easy to install, and completely waterproof. The roll of uncoupling membrane included in the new DITRA-HEAT system has many benefits. Not only does it function perfectly as an inlay for the DITRA-HEAT heating wire, but it also provides tile-uncoupling features that are present in other underfloor DITRA membranes. This means that there is a significant reduction in tile breakage, grout problems are eliminated, and it becomes easy to replace any broken tiles. The Schluter-DITRA-HEAT membrane comprises a flexible layer between the tile and the rigid subfloor. It also functions as an uncoupling membrane that helps in reducing tile breakage and eliminates grout problems, ensuring a hassle-free tiling process.

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