Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems stands at the forefront of the heating products sector as a prominent manufacturer. With a substantial workforce comprising more than 2,300 individuals spread across numerous offices, they excel in producing a diverse range of specialized products for contractors. We take pride in being a top-tier distributor of Schluter Systems merchandise, ensuring that suppliers throughout North America are well-prepared for any project. Our commitment lies in providing competitive pricing, swift delivery, and exceptional customer support for an extensive array of Schluter Systems offerings.

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Why do our clients choose Schluter Systems?

Schluter Systems' products are highly regarded in the construction industry for their exceptional quality, user-friendliness, and adaptability. They stand out particularly in waterproofing, moisture management, and crack prevention, guaranteeing robust and enduring installations in both residential and commercial environments. With intuitive features, clear guidance, and access to technical assistance, Schluter's offerings simplify and enhance tile and stone projects.

Schluter Systems offers a range of product lines tailored to address specific requirements in tile and stone installations. Here are some notable product lines:

  1. Schluter-DITRA: This product line encompasses uncoupling and waterproofing membranes designed to safeguard tiled surfaces from cracks and moisture-related concerns.
  2. Schluter-KERDI: KERDI products are primarily focused on waterproofing shower and bath areas, effectively preventing leaks and the growth of mold. The line includes KERDI membranes, drains, and comprehensive shower kits.

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