DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - Peel and Stick - DHPS512M - 134.5 Sq Ft

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The DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll is available in multiple models: DH512M, DHD810M, DHPS512M, DHDPS810

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While you can, self-leveling compounds are not required to encapsulate the heating cables into the DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll. Schluter Systems does not recommend it.

DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll and other uncoupling membrane rolls provide electric floor warming for use beneath tile, stone, or other resilient floor coverings such as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).

Yes, the stud structure of DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll is designed to allow for easy installation of DITRA-HEAT-E-HK heating cables.

DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll is designed for quick and easy installation, and it requires only a few tools. DIY installation is possible, but professional assistance can ensure optimal results.

DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll does not require any special maintenance after installation. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for care and maintenance of the heated floor system as a whole and its floor coverings.

It's best to use Ditra Heat with the compatible heating cables recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance.

Ditra Heat generally requires minimal maintenance. Keep the system clean and ensure there are no obstructions or damage to the cables.


The DHPS512M DITRA-HEAT-DEO-PS is a peel-and-stick membrane that features a pressure-sensitive adhesive to bond the membrane to the substrate, eliminating the need for thin-set mortar. Quick and easy to install, DHPS512M integrates customizable, comfortable electric floor warming with the same functions associated with DITRA-HEAT: uncoupling, waterproofing*, vapour management, and load support to ensure a long-lasting tile installation.

Simply remove the transparent release film from the fleece side of the membrane to expose the layer of adhesive, and embed it into the substrate
  • No thin-set required to install membrane means a faster and easier installation.
  • The membrane can easily be repositioned until pressure is exerted.
  • Less mess, less cleanup, and fewer tools required.
  • The stud structure of DITRA-HEAT-PS is specifically designed to allow for the easy installation of DITRA-HEAT-HK heating cables.
  • Nominal 1/4" (5.5 mm) thickness minimizes tile assembly thickness and reduces transitions to lower surface coverings.
  • Self-leveling compounds are not required to encapsulate the cables into the membrane.

For those seeking the benefits of both Ditra Heat and uncoupling membranes, the DHPS512M is a great option. This model combines the uncoupling properties of the Ditra matting with the electric floor heating functionality. The DHPS512M provides a sturdy and reliable foundation for tile installation while allowing for the incorporation of the Ditra Heat cables.

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