DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - DUO Peel and Stick - DHDPS810M - 108 Sq Ft

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The DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll is available in multiple models: DH512M, DHD810M, DHPS512M, DHDPS810

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Using DHDPS810M in conjunction with a DITRA system is a straightforward process. You begin by removing the transparent release film from the fleece side of the membrane. This exposes the layer of adhesive. Once this adhesive layer is exposed, you can securely embed the membrane into the substrate. This ease of use significantly reduces the complexity of the installation process.

DHDPS810M offers a range of additional features that enhance its performance and utility. In addition to its adhesive properties, it incorporates integrated sound reduction and thermal break features. This means it contributes to a quieter and more energy-efficient environment when used in your tile installations.

Absolutely, DHDPS810M is engineered to excel in reducing impact sound transmission through floor-ceiling assemblies. This quality makes it an ideal choice for multi-story construction projects where noise control is paramount. It helps create quieter and more comfortable living and working spaces.

Yes, DHDPS810M plays a vital role in reducing heat loss when installed over concrete substrates. It acts as a barrier that prevents heat from escaping into the concrete, ensuring that the heated area remains warm and comfortable. This is especially valuable in cold climates where efficient heating is essential.

One of the advantages of DHDPS810M is that it eliminates the need for self-leveling compounds to encapsulate heating cables into the membrane. The membrane itself provides a secure and stable environment for the cables, simplifying the installation process and reducing material costs.

Yes, DHDPS810M is suitable for a wide range of applications, including both residential and commercial projects. Its versatility and performance make it a valuable choice for various settings, ensuring that your tile installation projects are durable, efficient, and effective.

DHDPS810M is designed to be installed over a suitable substrate. It's best suited for new tile installations or projects where the existing substrate is appropriate for tile installation. While it offers remarkable benefits, it may not be the ideal choice for installations over existing tile or other incompatible flooring materials.


DHDPS810M DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS is a peel and stick membrane that features a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to bond the membrane to the substrate, eliminating the need for thin-set mortar.

Using it with a DITRA system is easy, simply remove the transparent release film from the fleece side of the membrane to expose the layer of adhesive, and embed into substrate. It provides integrated sound reduction and thermal break features.
  • Reduces impact sound transmission through floor-ceiling assemblies, making it ideal for multi-story construction
  • Reduces heat loss to the substrate when installed over concrete
  • Less mess, less cleanup, and fewer tools required
  • Nominal 5/16” (8 mm) thickness minimizes tile assembly thickness and reduces transitions to lower surface coverings
  • Self-leveling compounds are not required to encapsulate the cables into the membranes

This membrane combines the larger size of the DHD810M with the uncoupling properties of other models. It offers the benefits of enhanced floor stability, waterproofing, and efficient heating capabilities. The DHDPS810M is an ideal choice for larger areas that require both a stable tile installation and effective floor heating.

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