DITRA Floor Heating Kit: Uncoupling Membrane, Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat and Cable

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Yes, the DITRA-HEAT-E-WIFI thermostat is compatible with any electric radiant floor heating system not exceeding a 15 amp load. It's advisable to consult a local electrician to ensure electrical specifications are met. Apart from a WiFi signal and a router with good connectivity, no additional hardware is required. The same line and load principles apply.

The floor temperature typically ranges between 75 - 97ºF (24 - 36ºC), depending on the type of sub-floor and floor covering. However, the standard comfortable range is usually between 77 - 84ºF (25 - 29ºC).

Yes, you can lock your thermostat using the "Child Lock" function found within the "User Settings" menu on both the DITRA-HEAT-E-RT and DITRA-HEAT-E-WIFI thermostats. The child lock feature prevents unauthorized access and tampering with the thermostat settings.

Yes, you can download the "Schluter-DITRA-HEAT-E-WIFI" App from both the App Store and Google Play. Once connected, you'll be able to control your DITRA-HEAT-E-WIFI thermostat remotely from any linked device, provided you have a Wi-Fi or data connection.

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The Schluter DITRA-HEAT-E-WIFI kit provides a range of customizable options for personalized floor heating systems tailored to your home's needs. Compatible with various flooring materials such as tile, vinyl plank, laminate, and hardwood, it offers exceptional waterproofing to safeguard your floor and heating system. The Schluter DITRA-HEAT-E-WIFI thermostat (DHERT104BW) enables remote programming via the Schluter WiFi thermostat app for added convenience.

Each DITRA-HEAT-E-WIFI kit offers different cable lengths and voltages to suit your property, with options for 120V and 240V and cable lengths ranging from 11 Sq Ft to 134 Sq Ft. The DITRA-HEAT membrane is fully compatible with all DITRA-HEAT cables for easy installations. Each Schluter DITRA-HEAT kit includes two sensors for accurate temperature transfer from the home to the thermostat.

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