Peel & Stick Schluter Systems Ditra Heat Electric Radiant Floor Heating Kit: DHERT105/BW Programmable Touchscreen Smart WiFi Thermostat, Uncoupling Membrane, Heated Cable

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Peel & Stick Uncoupling Membrane

  • Schluter Ditra Smart WiFi touchscreen thermostat, DHE RT 105/BW, for 120V and 240V systems. Can be controlled via app or voice-activated devices.

  • Schluter Ditra Heat E HK Cable DHE HK 120 11 covers 10.7 sq ft, safe for any application.

  • Ditra Heat DUO mat, 1/4 inch thick, waterproof and uncouples, compatible with laminate, vinyl, and tile!

  • Eco-friendly Ditra Heat Kit includes 2 sensors, programmable periods, and a mobile app.

  • Ditra line offers full compatibility across all products, including WiFi thermostat, heating cable, and underlayment heat membrane.

  • DITRA Heat kit provides unique combinations for various sizes, voltages, and applications.

  • WiFi thermostat is user-friendly and energy-efficient, with third-party integration.

  • Heated floors with smart home products decrease power load on HVAC.

  • Each kit is designed for cable heating area coverage and voltage, with peel-and-stick membrane.

  • Compatible with all Ditra Heat cables, includes floor heating sensors for temperature control.

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