Custom Building Products Easymat Uncoupling Membrane For Tile, Stone, Ceramic, 4' x 75' x 13/64" Roll, SoundGard Flooring Underlayment, Bonded Crack-Prevention System For Subfloor Movement

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  • Functions: EasyMat lets you set tile, stone, and impervious porcelain over any acceptable subfloor. It is specially designed so the mortar adhesive locks in and forms a bonded crack prevention system
  • Easy To Install: It requires no mechanical fasteners. You can use it as thermal break in under floor heating systems. This 5mm thick floor underlayment will not absorb water
  • Sound Reduction: EasyMat with SoundGard system has the highest level of impact sound reduction up to 71 dB (acoustical underlayment). It is up to 9 times lighter than other sound reduction mats
  • Light And Fast To Install: The mat is up to 25 times lighter and up to 4 times faster to install than 1/4" (6mm) backerboard. Perfect for laminate floor underlayment
  • Features: An excellent alternative to cork underlayment since it will not shrink, rot, or absorb water. Suitable for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, natural stone tile, laminate flooring or engineered wood, hardwood, vinyl flooring, etc.

About the Product:

EasyMat with SoundGard technology is the perfect solution for setting tiles over any acceptable subfloor (underlayment for laminate flooring). This superior underlay flooring is up to 25 times lighter than 1/4" backerboard (6mm underlayment), easy to cut with a utility knife, and doesn't require any nails or screws. With SoundGard Technology, EasyMat tile membrane underlayment offers laminate underlayment sound reduction up to 71 dB.

This makes it the perfect choice for home improvement projects, either DIY or professional. Furthermore, it is lightweight and has a bonded system preventing crack in the floor. Easymat underlayment for floor covering is suitable for the following substrates: concrete, cement mortar, masonry, cement backerboard, exterior plywood and OSB (interior, dry areas only), exterior decks, post-tension concrete, lightweight concrete, gypsum-based cement topping, existing ceramic tile, and resilient flooring. It will not shrink, rot, or absorb water (waterproof), which makes it a perfect basement floor underlayment (underlayment for vinyl plank flooring). EasyMat floor tile membrane is the perfect premium underlayment for bathroom floor tile, kitchen tile, carpet tiles, ceramic tile, laminate flooring or engineered wood, and other floor coverings.

You may use it as an underlayment for hardwood floors (wood floor underlayment roll). As an added bonus, EasyMat may serve as a thermal break for under floor heating systems. With EasyMat tile underlayment membrane (underlayment for tile) and SoundGard technology, you can be sure you are getting high-quality ceramic tile and stone tiles underlayment perfect for the bathroom tile.

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