Schluter Systems Kerdi Shower Kit: 72x72 Center Shower Pan (Tray), 2 inch Flange and 4 Inch Shower Drain Cover

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The Schluter Kerdi shower kit contains Drain pan, Schluter Kerdi membrane, Schluter drain kit, and accessories such as a Schluter Kerdi band, curb, corners, and seals which are required to easily create a watertight shower system enclosure (assembly).
Kerdi Shower Kit consists of KST1830 Center Shower Tray (pre-sloped Center Schluter shower pan) with an integrated Kerdi waterproofing membrane. The tray is made of lightweight expanded polystyrene for constructing a mortar-free shower base.2 inch Flange with Kerdi drain kit with an elegant grate that can be seamlessly adjusted to the thickness of the ceramic tile or stone covering. The flange is specifically designed for bonded water-resistant assembly and provides a large contact area with the shower floor base.
38 Inch Kerdi Shower Curb KBSC 115 150 970 (2 Pcs) - a prefabricated Schluter Curb is lightweight, stable, and load bearing.
Kerdi membrane 162 Sq Ft - is pliable, bonded waterproof membrane made of soft polyethylene with special webbing synthetic fibers that allow perfect bond with thin-set mortar.

KEBA 100/125/10M Band (2 Pcs) - a strip designed to waterproof butt joints and floor/wall connections in bath and shower installations.

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