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Heated floors, also known as radiant floor heating or underfloor heating systems, are a modern and efficient method of heating indoor spaces by utilizing the floor as a source of warmth. This involves the installation of a heating element beneath the flooring surface, which then radiates heat upward, creating a comfortable and evenly heated environment.

The primary purpose of heated floors is to provide a luxurious heating solution that is more effective than traditional forced-air systems. Instead of relying on hot air, heated floors distribute warmth evenly across the entire floor, resulting in a gentle and consistent heat source from the ground up. Some of our most popular heated flooring products come from industry leaders Schluter Systems and Nuheat.

Our Featured Heated Floor Products in Newmarket

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Nuheat Thermostat - nVent - AC0056 Home (Programmable)
Nuheat Nuheat Thermostat - nVent - AC0056 Home (Programmable)
Regular price$201.00 USD Sale price $133.00 USD
nuheat nVent AC0055 thermostat
Nuheat Nuheat Thermostat - nVent - AC0055 Signature (Wi-Fi Programmable)
Regular price$252.00 USD Sale price $155.00 USD
nVent AC0057 non-programmable element Nuheat Thermostat
Nuheat Nuheat Thermostat - nVent - AC0057 Elemen (Non-programmable)
Regular price$119.00 USD Sale price $93.00 USD
SunTouch SunStat Thermostat for Radiant Heating Floors 120V/240V
SunTouch SunTouch SunStat Thermostat for Radiant Heating Floors 120V/240V
Regular price$127.00 USD Sale price $93.00 USD
DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll
Schluter Systems DITRA HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Roll - DH512M - 134.5 Sq Ft
Regular price$312.00 USD Sale price $237.00 USD

Why do our clients from Newmarket choose Schluter's Ditra System?

One popular and innovative heated flooring solution we supply to Newmarket is the Schluter Ditra Heat system, designed by Schluter Systems. DITRA-HEAT combines the benefits of uncoupling membranes with a radiant floor heating system, creating an advanced and efficient solution for heating tiled floors.

Our clients in Newmarket choose the Schluter Ditra Heat system for several reasons. Firstly, it offers superior uncoupling properties, which help to prevent cracks in the tile and grout caused by the movement of the substrate. This ensures a long-lasting and durable tiled floor, even in areas prone to stress or movement. Additionally, the Ditra Heat system provides excellent waterproofing capabilities, acting as a waterproofing membrane to protect the underlying structure from moisture damage. This is particularly important in areas like bathrooms or kitchens where water exposure is common.

Features of Schluter Systems' Heated Floors

Uncoupling and Waterproofing: Schluter-DITRA-HEAT is a popular option for homeowners in Newmarket as it serves as an uncoupling membrane, which helps to prevent tile and grout cracks caused by stress from the substrate. Additionally, it provides waterproofing capabilities, protecting the underlying structure from moisture damage.

Even Heat Distribution: The DITRA system features a unique heating cable that is securely embedded within the uncoupling membrane. This design ensures even heat distribution across the entire tiled floor, eliminating cold spots and providing consistent warmth.

Rapid Warm-Up: With the DITRA-HEAT system, you can enjoy quick heat-up times due to its direct integration with the uncoupling membrane. The system efficiently transfers heat to the floor surface, allowing for faster warm-up times compared to traditional heating systems.

Customizable Heating Zones: The DITRA system allows for the creation of customizable heating zones. This feature enables you to control the temperature of different rooms independently, ensuring personalized comfort and energy efficiency.

Thin Profile: Schluter-DITRA-HEAT has a minimal height profile, which helps to reduce the impact on floor height transitions and simplifies installation in both new construction and renovation projects.

Compatibility with Various Floor Coverings: Whether you plan to install ceramic tiles, stone, porcelain, or other compatible floor coverings, the DITRA-HEAT system is versatile and can be used with a wide range of flooring materials.

Integration with Programmable Thermostats: The DITRA-HEAT system is compatible with programmable thermostats, allowing you to set schedules and control the heating system conveniently. This feature helps to optimize energy usage and maintain desired comfort levels.

Nuheat Floor Heating Thermostat in Newmarket

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