ARDEX FLEXBONE Floor Heating System Kit, Programmable Thermostat, DUO Membrane

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  • ARDEX FLEXBONE UH 910 radiant electric floor heating cable, 120/240V, 15-248 Sq Ft
  • ARDEX FLEXBONE kit with Ditra Heat DUO waterproofing & uncoupling membrane (heat mat) offers sound control and thermal break. Thickness 5/16" (8mm)
  • ARDEX FLEXBONE UH 931 touch screen programmable thermostat with built-in GFCI 120/240V. The 3.5" touchscreen display offers easy programming and set-up and comes with a temperature sensor
  • Nuheat Install Pro Alarm detects cuts or damage in heating wire, ensuring a reliable electric floor heating system. Suntouch plastic U-notch cable trowel prevents cable damage during mortar application
  • The Heat kit includes all the components you need to build a long-lasting and reliable heated floor system. The practical design of the components makes installation quick and easy

    About the Product:

    A heated flooring installation kit featuring German engineering comprises an efficient heat cable (warm wire), uncoupling thermal membrane, touch screen thermostat, (heating cable) fault detector, cable-safe mortar trowel and 2x floor temperature sensors. It provides the easy installation of a durable & effective radiant floor heating system (in-floor).

    The ARDEX FLEXBONE UH 931 advanced programmable thermostat for home use allows tracking your power usage and has an easy-to-use set-up wizard. It has a 3.5" touchscreen display, the ideal temperature controller for your radiant heating system. Handles a resistive load of up to 15 amps.

    Made in Germany, the ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT cable system consumes 11% less wattage per Sq Ft, providing more heat for less power. It installs without looping back to the thermostat and does not need a connection box, as the Cold/Hot junction is in the heated cable. All cables are consistently uniform in diameter to ensure a reliable fit and come jacketed in FEP insulation that resists heat up to 401F (205C). Its aluminum tubing guarantees zero electromagnetic fields.

    Ditra Heat DUO (under floor mats) is a radiant floor membrane that provides thermal insulation for tiled floors (applied using thin-set adhesive over a substrate). As a waterproofing membrane, also provides vapor control, making it a great choice for your bathroom floor, bathtub surrounds, kitchens, dining rooms, halls, entryways, enclosed balconies & other living areas. DUO's underfloor enhanced bonding fleece, and studs offer noise reduction, load distribution, and uncoupling properties. It's ideal as underlayment for laminate flooring, vinyl plank, and tile floor such as ceramic, porcelain, cement, granite, marble, glass, natural stone tiles, concrete blocks, linoleum and carpet tile.

    This floor heat kit features components for a long-lasting & reliable heated flooring system. An efficient DIY home improvement solution, like a heating pad, creates a cozy & inviting space.


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