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Heated floors, also known as underfloor heating or radiant floor heating systems, offer a modern and effective method of heating indoor areas, utilizing the floor as a source of warmth.

The primary aim of heated floors is to provide a premium heating solution that outperforms traditional forced-air systems in efficiency. Instead of relying on heated air, heated floors uniformly distribute heat across the entirety of the floor space, creating a gentle and even heat emanating from the floor surface.

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Schluter Systems DITRA Heat DHEHK Floor Heating Cable
Schluter Systems DITRA Heat Cable
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Why do our clients from Calgary choose us?

Within Calgary, we provide a popular and innovative solution for heated flooring. Developed by Schluter Systems, the Schluter Ditra Heat system presents a novel approach. By combining decoupling membranes with radiant floor heating, DITRA-HEAT offers a modern and efficient method for warming tiled floors. The Schluter Ditra Heat system is a preferred choice among our Toronto clients for several reasons.

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Everything You Need to Know about Your Heated Floors in Calgary

Electric heated floors utilize a system of electric heating cables or mats installed beneath the flooring surface. These heating elements are typically made of resistance wires that generate heat when an electric current passes through them. The heat is then emitted and radiated upward, warming the floor and the surrounding space.

The electric heating cables or mats are installed in a pattern that ensures even heat distribution across the floor surface. They can be embedded in a layer of thin-set mortar or placed within uncoupling membranes specifically designed for electric floor heating. Electric heated floors are also controlled by a thermostat that regulates the temperature based on user settings. The thermostat measures the floor temperature and activates or deactivates the heating system as needed to maintain the desired level of warmth.

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