Top Products From Our Cyber Monday Week Sale!

Step into the world of incredible deals! GTD Supply has loaded up its Cyber Monday sale with an array of exceptional items, perfect for anyone gearing up for their next home renovation project. These products aren't just any old options, they're top-of-the-line essentials designed to elevate your renovation experience. Let's dive into the top products from our Cyber Monday sale!

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DITRA Heat Thermostat

DITRA Heat Thermostat for Heated Floors - 120V/240V - DITRA-HEAT-E - (RS1 Smart WiFi Programmable DHERT105/BW)


The DITRA Heat Thermostat is more than just your average thermostat! Featuring smart home integration, this essential home appliance gives you the ability to control your home's heating through mobile apps or even voice commands. Featuring innovative technology that allows more control over your property’s HVAC, the DTRA Heat Thermostat is a must-have for any home.

Features Of DITRA Heat Thermostat

  • Remote Accessibility: Access and manage your floor heating system effortlessly from anywhere via the intuitive Schluter Smart Thermostat app. Whether you're at home or away, total control is at your fingertips.
  • Geofencing Precision: Personalize temperature settings based on your proximity to home. Geofencing technology ensures your spaces are cozy precisely when you need them, adjusting temperatures as you approach or leave.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-saving functionalities within the thermostat ensure optimized usage, contributing to eco-friendly and cost-effective operation. The adaptive backlighting feature enhances visibility while conserving energy.
  • Enhanced System Control: Compatible with the DITRA-HEAT-E-RRS power module, this thermostat allows seamless management of more extensive floor heating systems. You're always in charge, even with larger setups.
  • Floor Protection: Offering temperature protection tailored to various floor coverings to ensure that your floors not only remain warm but also retain their quality for years to come.


SunTouch Thermostat

SunTouch SunStat Thermostat for Radiant Heating Floors 120V/240V - Wi-Fi-programmable ConnectPlus 500900-SB

The SunStat is an industry-leading thermostat which gives homeowners the chance to control their floor heating remotely. With the ability to connect to Smart Home devices, you can control your home's heating through a mobile app or even with voice commands. These smart thermostats have become integral in modern-day HVAC.

Features Of SunStat Thermostat

  • Effortless Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity enables effortless remote access and control of your radiant heating system. Manage your floors' warmth from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Smart Home Integration: Seamlessly integrate this thermostat into your home automation ecosystem. It's compatible with popular systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, ensuring a cohesive smart home experience.
  • Smart Tracking: Monitor your energy usage patterns and receive notifications to optimize efficiency. Stay informed and in control, ensuring your heating system operates in the most energy-efficient manner possible.
  • Customized Display: Tailor your thermostat's display to match your preferences. Multiple colour options and portrait/landscape mounting capabilities allow you to personalize its appearance to suit your home's aesthetic.

DITRA Heat Cable

DITRA Heat Cable - 120V - 11 Sq Ft - DHEHK12011

The DITRA Heat Cable is engineered for efficiency and versatility, offering a DIY-friendly solution that enables homeowners to enhance their living spaces without professional assistance. Its user-friendly design allows for straightforward installation within the DITRA-HEAT membrane, providing a seamless fit for various flooring materials.

Features Of DITRA Heat Cable

  • Optimized Power Output: With a power output of 135 watts and a current of 1.1 amps, this cable ensures effective and consistent heating, creating a comfortably warm environment without compromising on energy efficiency.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Its compatibility extends to ceramics, porcelain, and glass tiles, providing users with the flexibility to arrange and customize their under-tile heating system. This ensures that various tile types receive uniform and efficient heating.
  • Seamless Integration: The DITRA Heat Cable securely locks into the DITRA-HEAT membrane without the need for additional clips or fasteners. This integration simplifies the installation process, allowing for an easy setup and ensuring a snug fit within the membrane.
  • Reliability & Durability: With extended warranty coverage, users benefit from added reassurance regarding the cable's reliability and durability. This coverage speaks to the product's quality and its ability to deliver enduring and consistent under-tile heating solutions.


Montolit Masterpiuma P3

Montolit Masterpiuma P3 Manual Tile Cutter For Large Format Tiles - 17" 44P3

The Masterpiuma P3 is a precision-engineered tool tailored for handling large-format tiles with absolute accuracy and ease. Built for professionals, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts, this cutter's robust design effortlessly cuts a range of tile materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass and more! This Montolit tile cutter is an essential tool for anyone looking to manipulate tiles for their next renovation project.

Features Of Masterpiuma P3

  • Maximized Tile Size Capacity: With an impressive capacity supporting tiles up to 17 inches (44 cm) in length and 7/8 inches thick, this cutter accommodates a wide range of tile sizes, making it an ideal choice for various projects, from residential to commercial settings.
  • Enhanced Precision: Its innovative rotating geometric square facilitates precise angle cuts, ensuring meticulous and accurate tile shaping. This feature empowers users to easily achieve flawless corners and intricate cuts.
  • Versatility: The Masterpiuma P3 doesn't discriminate, it effortlessly handles ceramics, porcelain, and even glass tiles. Its versatility across various materials makes it a go-to tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking consistent and precise cuts.
  • Patented Foldable Design: Featuring a patented foldable design, this cutter not only ensures a straightforward setup but also enables easy storage between projects. Its compact nature allows for easy transportation and efficient use of space, catering to the practical needs of users in diverse settings.

montolit cutter


This Cyber week, GTD Supply brings you unparalleled deals on these exceptional products, each designed to make your renovation journey smoother, smarter, and more efficient. Whether you're aiming for comfort with heated floors or striving for precision in tile installation, these items are your ticket to an elevated home renovation experience. 

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