Schluter Systems Kerdi 200 Waterproofing Membrane 108 Sq Ft Roll (Three Pack)

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KERDI 200 acts as a waterproof barrier that prevents water from penetrating through the membrane and reaching the underlying structure. By doing so, it helps to prevent water damage, mold, and mildew formation.

On both sides of the KERDI 200 membrane, there is non-woven polypropylene material. This further enhances the waterproofing and durability of the membrane.

KERDI 200 is designed for indoor applications in wet areas. It is not recommended for outdoor use or in areas subjected to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Yes, KERDI 200 is suitable for use in residential steam showers and steam rooms. Its vapor-retardant properties help to prevent moisture from escaping and damaging the surrounding structure.

KERDI 200 can be installed by homeowners who are familiar with tiling and waterproofing techniques. However, for complex installations or if unsure, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure a proper and long-lasting installation.

Yes, it is resistant to mold and mildew when installed correctly and maintained properly.

While it's primarily for waterproofing, it may offer some sound-dampening properties due to its thickness.


  • Schluter Kerdi 200 waterproofing floor underlayment is intended to be used in showers, steam rooms, bathrooms, bathtub surrounds, closed balconies, kitchens, laundry rooms, and living/dining rooms.
  • Kerdi 200 for walls and floors is a waterproofing and vapor control flooring underlayment with high-performance crack isolation. It has a uniform thickness with a thin profile.
  • The waterproof uncoupling membrane for tile has a modified polyethylene (PEVA) core with non-woven polypropylene on both sides. It allows anchoring the tile membrane in the thin-set mortar.
  • Schluter Kerdi underlayment membrane can be used with residential and commercial wall and floor tiles (homes, apartments, condominiums, office buildings, restaurants, galleries, malls, dairies, breweries).

About the Product:

Kerdi 200 is a highly effective product designed to provide superior protection against water and the results of its impact. It is suitable for floor tile in shower, residential steam room, steam shower tub surrounds, and areas surrounding interior swimming pools. It is also ideal for use (commercial environments) in the food industry, breweries, and dairies. For applications requiring use of steam, the KERDI200 product is the ideal choice due to its superior vapor-control qualities. With Schluter Kerdi 200, you can be sure that your walls and floors are completely and reliably protected against water damage.

Schluter-KERDI tile membrane underlayment has a water vapor permeance of 0.90 perms when tested according to ASTM E96, and makes your underlayment for tile waterproof. Kerdi200 is a sheet-applied product with an 8 mil thickness for bathroom floor tile. It has a uniform thickness to ensure effective waterproofing and crack-isolation properties of bathroom tiles. The product features a modified PEVA core with non-woven polypropylene on both sides and an anchoring fleece. It allows anchoring the stone tiles membrane in the uncoupling membrane mortar (thinset mortar adhesive).

Schluter-KERDI for home improvement is designed to provide long-lasting in-floor waterproofing. It protects ceramic, porcelain, cement, granite, marble, glass, mosaic, natural stone tiles, concrete blocks, linoleum, carpet tiles, and their substrate against water damage. KERDI provides a great balance between performance and cost. It is easy to install and ideal for DIY projects.

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