Wedi Subliner Dry Mat Roll, Crack-isolation, Vapor Retardant, Polyethylene Waterproofing Membrane, Flexible Flooring Underlayment For Ceramic Tile and Floor Heating System

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  • Wedi Subliner Dry Mat is made for general waterproofing and protection over suitable surfaces prior to tiling and can be applied over non waterproof shower surfaces
  • This membrane boasts a tear-resistant polyethylene film to provide exceptional durability. The dual-sided fleece increases the adhesion of the tile, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Wedi flexible and crack-bridging membrane provides chemical-resistance, water and vapor retardant with the optimum anchoring for tile laying materials
  • Wedi membrane is crafted to prevent crack in the floor, fracture, and delamination of ceramic tile, stone tile, vinyl flooring, porcelain, cement, granite, marble, and other floor coverings
  • Wedi Subliner mat is designed to prevent damage to both the bathroom tile and the water-sensitive substrate underneath. It is Suitable for use in wet areas such as residential bathrooms and commercial spaces including showers, pools and kitchens

Wedi Subliner Dry Mat is a thin-layer, crack isolating waterproofing membrane made from highly tear-resistant polyethylene film. It offers optimum adhesion to tile laying materials thanks to its dual-sided special fleece lamination. The installation over preexisting wall surfaces is smooth and any thinset suitable for the tile or stone finish may be used on top of the Wedi Subliner Dry Mat. Wedi Subliner Dry Mat is a part of the shower waterproofing system which includes sealing tape, prefabricated corner tape, plumbing fixture collars, and bonding flange drains. With high tear-resistance, this membrane withstands mechanical stress and harsh conditions, remaining resilient over time without decomposing. This infloor underlayment membrane is specially formulated to help prevent cracks in shower floor tile and grout. It features 100% waterproofing capability, effectively guarding against water infiltration, while also serving as a water and vapor retardant. It makes installation a breeze, saving you time and effort. No fasteners are required for the installation, simplifying the process and saving time. It is suitable for crack prevention in various infloor tiles, such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite tile, marble tile, mosaic tile, and natural stone tile. In case of excessive substrate movement, it effectively absorbs stress, preserving the surface and integrity of the ceramic floor tile. It is easy to install and compatible with various tile types offering superior protection and stability for your waterproof flooring projects. This membrane underlayment can also be used when renovating older kitchen tile flooring, basement flooring, and bathroom floor tile. It comes in a convenient size, making it suitable for professional home improvement or DIY projects of all scopes. It is a great option for your room decor, bathroom decor, kitchen decor, and home decor needs.

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