TRM Self-Regulating De-Icing Roof Heating Cable For Ice Dam Prevention And Snow Melting, For Outdoor Ice Melt And Heat Tracing Systems

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For TRM Self-Regulating De-Icing Roof Heating Cable For Ice Dam Prevention And Snow Melting, For Outdoor Ice Melt And Heat Tracing Systems Contractor and Bulk Pricing, Contact Us!


  • APPLICATIONS: Perfect for roof deicing, ice melting, snow melting, freeze protection, sprinkler tracing, roof and gutter deicing, and frost heave prevention. Can be installed on various roof types
  • HEAVY DUTY: TRM's cable is designed for both commercial and residential applications. Inner insulation and exterior jackets of heating cables for roof make them more durable than most heat tracing cables
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Self-regulating ice dam heat cable adjusts output based on the surrounding temperature. The roof melting heat cable reduces wattage during warm weather, increasing energy savings
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED: Ice dam heat cables for roofs come with an extra 6' cold lead. 120V cable also comes with a light-up plug for easy installation (240V cables have a hard-wired connection). Each roof and gutter deicing cable is designed to be crossed and overlapped safely
  • DESIGN: The roof deicing cable has a self-regulating insulated core and a woven tinned braid construction. The gutter cable is pre-terminated with a factory end seal and power connection points

About the Product:

TRM Self-Regulating outside electrical wire is the industry standard for most heated roof cable applications and water pipes deicing. Heated gutter wires are flexible and easy to install. Each TRM roof de icing cable has a semi-conductor core that regulates its heat output. This technology allows each of these heating cables to adjust their wattage. The heat output is based on the temperature to which the rain gutter deicer cable is exposed. In cold conditions, radiant solutions heat tape (roof melt cable) generates more heat. In warmer conditions, the output of the rain gutter heater cable is reduced to save energy.

This also helps make TRM roof ice melt cable one of the safest snow melt cable solutions on the market. Unlike cheap heated wire for pipes and outdoor use, TRM roof warmer cables can be overlapped and crossed over themselves. The wattage of the deicing roof cable can vary along the cable’s entire length. If the roof deicer cable is exposed to a warm ambient, it will automatically adjust its heat output in certain spots. This will let it avoid overheating.

The roof heating cable for ice dams can function safely without the use of controls. 120V cable is designed to be simply plugged into a standard wall outlet (240V cable has a hard-wired connection). You can utilize thermostats or controllers (as a roof deicing cable kit or ice melting kit) to maximize the efficiency of the ice melting wire.

The TRM heat wire for gutters, downspout, and other roof applications is designed for both commercial and residential use. It has an inner insulation jacket and an exterior fluoropolymer jacket, providing more durability than most gutter ice melt cable models.

The TRM (Thermal Resources Management) cables can be used for in-pipe heat tracing of potable water lines and hot water temperature maintenance. They can also be a part of a Heat Loss Replacement System (wall heating) for balconies, carports, and living areas above unheated locations (mechanical room, stairwell, parking garage).

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