Ardex TLT 702 Galvanized Steel Coarse 1-5/8 In Screws and 1-1/4 In Washers, for Quick Installation of Shower Wall Panels, Foam Board Fasteners for Shower Waterproofing (100 Pieces Pack)

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For Ardex TLT 702 Galvanized Steel Coarse 1-5/8 In Screws and 1-1/4 In Washers, for Quick Installation of Shower Wall Panels, Foam Board Fasteners for Shower Waterproofing (100 Pieces Pack) Contractor and Bulk Pricing, Contact Us!

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  • Includes a total of 100x Galvanized Steel 1-5/8" Coarse Screws and 100x Grip Tabbed Galvanized Steel 1-1/4" Washers, 1x Installation Leaflet - vital accessories for the installation of your shower kit
  • Featured fasteners are made of high-quality steel with a rust-proof coating. Strong, durable, and very effective for fastening foam board waterproofing panels to wall studs
  • Ardex foam board screws come with coarse (widely spaced) threading to speed up installation and minimize risk to boards and studs. An ideal solution for affixing and installing foam boards (shower panel) and backing boards
  • Ardex washers are punched with grip tabs to catch and anchor into shower panels, securing the surface and guiding the screw. This spreads the load to improve stability and longevity
  • Ardex TLT 702 screws and washers are coated with a rust-proof metallic finish to resist corrosion, which ensures optimal rust resistance and increased endurance in supporting and securing shower waterproofing materials

This Ardex TLT 702 Screw and Washer pack is ideal for the installation of waterproof shower wall panels. These fasteners are purpose-built to meet the highest industry standards when paired together, ensuring your DIY projects are built to last. The screws and washers live up to Ardex's highly praised German engineering standards, guaranteeing exceptional strength and longevity. The included washers come with gripping teeth that lock onto the foam board. This screws and washers set is treated with a specially formulated coating to resist corrosion, making them ideal for harsh humid conditions even in indoor and outdoor applications. Enhance the structural integrity of your projects with these galvanized steel foam board fasteners. Ardex TLT screws are suitable for use in your shower, steam room, bathroom, bathtub surround, laundry room, and other living areas where humidity and wetness are a concern. Perfect for both professional and DIY home improvement projects. Makes installation a breeze, saving you time and effort. The first step in laying down the foundation for enhanced bathroom decor is the solid placement of a well-fitted shower enclosure to support your choice of decorative tile surface. These fasteners are suitable for direct application of backing panels to support various types of wall or infloor tiles (shower tile), such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, cement tile, granite tile, marble tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, and natural stone tile (using the thinset mortar adhesive). Perfect for building your prefabricated shower base (shower tray), shower panel, waterproof shower wall panels, and shower niche with a bathroom shelf (wall shelf). Trust in the quality, reliable durability, and experienced precision of Ardex. Maximize the stability and appeal of any bathroom wall and shower cabin. Premium Ardex fasteners are designed for reliable water resistance, durability, structural security, and ease of installation.

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