Suntouch Warmwire Radiant Floor Heating Kit Includes Suntouch Thermostat, HeatMatrix Membrane, Heat Cable and Safe Installation Tools

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WARMWIRE HEAT CABLE - Specially designed for integration with the HeatMatrix membrane in interior floor warming applications. The cables can be installed without returning to the thermostat and produce virtually zero electromagnetic fields.
TOUCHSCREEN PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT - The SunStat programmable touch screen thermostat offers a reliable way to control your floor heating system. The user-intuitive 7-day schedule makes it simple to program your floor heating to suit your life style.
HEATMATRIX MEMBRANE - an easy-to-install underlayment providing uncoupling properties for tile, waterproofing for the subfloor, and a simple installation of heating wires. HeatMatrix also comes equipped with a unique Vapor Management system designed with built-in tunnels to swiftly alleviate water.
EASE OF USE: The membrane offers less rollback memory to allow for faster, flatter setting during installations and allows for multiple wire-spacing options for various heat outputs and flexibility during installation.
SAFETY: The Loudmouth Monitor sounds an alarm if the heating wire is cut or damaged, identifying a problem with the installation before the heat wire is tiled over. Suntouch plastic 3/8" x 1/2" U-notch cable trowel is designed specifically for heat cables installation and eliminates the risk of damaging the heating cable while applying mortar.

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