SunTouch WarmWire Radiant Floor Heating Cable for Interior Applications

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Never wake up to cold floors again! Popularly used in large rooms and rooms with complex layouts, WarmWire Series cables provide comfortable heating temperatures to keep your feet warm and toasty. WarmWire Radiant Floor Heating Wire is an affordable way to add comfort and warmth to your home. Constructed with oxygen-free copper heating elements for flexibility and durability, the wire installs beneath and warms tile, stone, and laminate flooring. This unit is designed with high-temperature thermoplastic insulation, making it corrosion-resistant. In fact, the cable is so durable that it comes with a 25 year limited warranty. Product Features Oxygen-Free Copper Heating Elements Oxygen-free copper heating elements in the heating wire provide flexibility and longevity to your radiant heating system. High-Temperature Thermoplastic Insulation The insulation provides long-term corrosion, chemical, and temperature resistance to extend the service life of your radiant heating system. Metal Grounding Jacket A grounding jacket provides added safety should any electrical elements become exposed. Tough Outer Jacket The outer jacket provides added chemical and abrasion resistance.

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