SunTouch 8006GRY161-ST HeatMatrix Uncoupling Membrane Mat 161 Sq Ft Roll

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HeatMatrixTM uncoupling membranes provide the ultimate protection of your tiles and underfloor radiant heating system from damage caused by moisture or water vapor and floor movement. Manufactured from a flexible material, HeatMatrix is an easy-to-install underlayment providing uncoupling properties for tile, water proofing for the subfloor, and a simple installation of heating wires. HeatMatrix offers installers and DIYers many first-class features and benefits: Less rollback memory to allow for faster, flatter setting during installations Multiple wire-spacing options for various heat outputs and flexibility during installation Compatibility with modified thinset HeatMatrix also comes equipped with a unique Vapor Management system designed with built-in tunnels to swiftly alleviate water and prevent mildew and mold formations. Water-resistant and highly durable, HeatMatrix is designed to work most effectively with WarmWire floor heating cables. Roll Size: 49.2' x 3.28' Covers 161 Sq Ft - Membrane height : 0.24" Simply install WarmWire within the HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane and embed in a polymer modified thinset mortar before the floor covering is installed Uncoupling - One-ply, non-woven fleece on the membrane's underside minimizes the stress caused by lateral, multidirectional movement within the substrate, eliminating a common cause of cracked tiles. Waterproofing and vapor management - Provides a barrier against surface water while deep grooved channels allow evaporation of moisture from below the membrane. WarmWire is installed at approximately 3-inch spacing but can also be adjusted to meet varying heating requirements.

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