Schluter Systems TROBA-PLUS 8 Drainage Membrane 134.5 Sq Ft (3'3" x 41') Roll, 5/16" Thick, Installed Above The Waterproofing Layer

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  • Durable subsurface drainage system for exterior applications. Permits water to drain off freely and reliably
  • Creating a continuous drainage area above the waterproofing layer
  • 3'3" x 41' = 134.5 Ft² (1 m x 12,5 m = 12,5 m²)
  • Thickness 5/16"


Schluter-TROBA-PLUS is a sub-surface drainage system used in horizontal waterproofing layers. It is constructed of pressure-stable polyethylene with closely positioned studs, enabling water to flow down a slope to a designated drainage exit. Its reliability and durability allow it to provide steadfast waterproofing over a span of years.

Product Features:

Polyethylene Construction: The Schluter-TROBA-PLUS waterproofing mat is constructed out of polyethylene, allowing it to withstand the rigors of years-long use.

Allows for Free Water Flow: Schluter-TROBA's construction design allows water to flow freely from one side of the mat to the other to a designated water drainage point. This preserves flooring even in low-ground-level environments.

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