Schluter Systems Universal Primer for Mortar for Interior Applications

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  • Ideal for use with Schluter SET, ALL-SET, and FAST-SET thin-set mortars, and Schluter underlayments such as Schluter-DITRA and DITRA-HEAT
  • Ready-to-use, single-coat application with roller or broom
  • One-component, solvent-free, water-based acrylic formulation
  • Low odor and zero-VOC
  • Freeze/thaw stable

Schluter-PRIMER-U is a ready-to-use, one-component, solvent-free, 100% acrylic, water-based primer. It is used to ensure excellent adhesion when applying Schluter thin-set mortars to difficult-to-bond-to surfaces such as gypsum underlayment, raised access panels, and existing tile. PRIMER-U is suitable for use with Schluter SET, Schluter ALL-SET, and Schluter FAST-SET in interior applications where increased adhesion is required over various porous and non-porous substrates. PRIMER-U is a translucent orange liquid that dries to a slightly glossy film approximately 15-60 minutes after application. PRIMER-U provides a strong bond to gypsum underlayment, concrete, existing tile, glass, plywood and OSB subfloor panels, terrazzo, steel, VCT flooring, well-bonded flooring adhesive residue, and latex paint

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