Schluter Systems Kerdi Board Shower Niche

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The Kerdi Board Shower Niche: A sealed and easy-to-install solution that seamlessly integrates with KERDI and KERDI-BOARD shower assemblies. Includes a shelf for added compartmentalization. Simplify your shower organization with the Kerdi Board Shower Niche.

Also available in Kerdi kits.

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The Kerdi Board Shower Niche offers several advantages over traditional shower niches. One key difference is its construction material. The Kerdi Board Shower Niche is made of Schluter's innovative KERDI-BOARD, a lightweight, waterproof foam panel with an integrated waterproofing membrane. This unique composition provides superior waterproofing protection compared to conventional niches made of cement board or other materials. Additionally, the Kerdi Board Shower Niche is pre-fabricated, making it quick and easy to install, saving time and effort during the construction or remodeling process.

Yes, the Kerdi Board Shower Niche is designed for easy installation, making it accessible to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. The niche comes pre-fabricated, eliminating the need for complex construction or specialized skills. By following the manufacturer's installation instructions and guidelines, you can achieve a secure and watertight installation quickly and efficiently.

No, the Kerdi Board Shower Niche is already fully sealed and integrated with the KERDI waterproofing system. The niche itself is constructed with the same waterproofing properties as the surrounding shower walls, ensuring a watertight and secure storage space. This eliminates the need for additional waterproofing measures, saving time and effort during the installation process.

The Kerdi Board Shower Niche is available in various sizes to accommodate different shower needs and preferences. Schluter Systems offers a range of size options, allowing you to choose the dimensions that best fit your shower space and storage requirements.

Yes, the Kerdi Board Shower Niche is designed to be tiled over, allowing for a seamless integration with the surrounding shower wall tiles. After properly installing the niche, you can proceed to apply the tile adhesive and lay your chosen tiles directly on the niche surface, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look.

The shelf is not adjustable, but it can be cut to size if needed during installation.

The shelf can be used for storing shower essentials and provides convenient organization within the niche.


Schluter Systems Kerdi Board Shower Niche - 6"x12" KB12SN305152A


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