Schluter Systems Waterproof Kerdi Board KB121220812 (Building Panel 48" x 32" x ½")

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Schluter Systems Waterproof Extruded Polystyrene Foam w/Thermal Insulation Kerdi Board
KB121220812 (Building Panel 48" x 32" x ½") for Shower Wall & Tile Substrate

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Kerdi Boards are inherently waterproof due to their polystyrene foam composition. When installed in a shower system, they create an impenetrable barrier against moisture, protecting your walls and structures from water damage. The boards' surfaces are also designed to facilitate effective bonding with waterproofing membranes or tile adhesives.

Yes, Kerdi Board is user-friendly when it comes to cutting and shaping. You can easily cut it to size with a utility knife and shape it to fit various design requirements, making it an excellent choice for custom projects.

Kerdi Board is compatible with underfloor heating systems. Its insulating properties can enhance the efficiency of the heating system by reducing heat loss and directing warmth upwards into the room.

To seal joints and corners, use Schluter joint sealant or Kerdi band. Apply the sealant or band over the joints and firmly press it into place, ensuring a tight seal to maintain the waterproof integrity of the installation.

Despite its lightweight nature, the Kerdi Board is designed to be impact-resistant and rigid. This makes it capable of withstanding the daily wear and tear common in bathroom environments, including pressure from mounted fixtures or shelving.

While primarily designed for indoor use, especially in wet areas like bathrooms, the Kerdi Board can be used in outdoor applications where it's protected from direct exposure to the elements. Its waterproof and insulating properties can be advantageous in outdoor kitchens or spa areas.


Kerdi board, made from extruded polystyrene, offers waterproof and insulating properties, ideal for shower systems. These lightweight, robust panels (48" x 32" x ½") are dimensionally stable, facilitating easy shower construction. Schluter's foam board KB 12 1220 812 not only waterproofs but also insulates, suitable for various applications.



The shower wall panels, free from cement and fibreglass, ensure dust-free installation. Their surfaces are covered with fleece webbing (Kerdi Membrane) for effective tile bonding. Being impact-resistant and rigid, the Kerdi board is versatile for creating custom vanities, shelving units, countertops, bathtub surrounds, and benches, with immediate tile installation capability.

Compatible with all tile types, including mosaic and large format, Schluter Building Panels guarantee strength and a level surface. The foam core of the Schluter Kerdi Board is 100% waterproof, maintaining functionality even after damage. Installation is straightforward on nearly any substrate, enhancing shower waterproofing. The panels can be sealed with Schluter joint sealant or Kerdi band, with the fibre fabric absorbing tensile forces. These panels also excel in heat insulation, adding warmth to tile or stone finishes and are exceptionally lightweight, making them ideal for older structures and easy handling on construction sites.

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