Prova Protegga Plus TT8000RED82R Uncoupling Membrane 269 Sq Ft Roll

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  • Prova PROTEGGA Plus lightweight underlayment membrane roll covers 269 Square Feet of floor area. It is 1/8" (3 mm) thick, 3.28" ( 1 m) wide and 82" (25 m) long. Its working temperature is from 10C to 60C
  • PROTEGGA Plus vapor pressure equalizing uncoupling membrane effectively safeguards against water damage, enhancing floor tile stability. It is rated extra heavy by TTMAC load bearing test
  • It is crafted to offer enduring reliability for a spectrum of DIY home improvement indoor projects. Protegga polypropylene membrane is designed as an underlay for ceramic floor tile and natural stone tiles
  • PROTEGGA crack preventing tile underlayment membrane features a patented Shear Stress Control system. It is designed with non-woven anchoring fleece to neutralize stress caused by movement in the substrate
  • PROTEGGA Plus membrane is compatible with different substrate types, including concrete blocks, oriented strand board, plywood sheets, cement slab, drywall. The membrane is deal for use over infloor heating system


PROTEGGA Plus membrane is an ideal underlayment for wet areas such as bathroom and kitchen floors. It provides uncoupling, waterproofing, and crack in the floor preventing properties. The membrane promises efficiency, durability, ease of use, and high performance for projects of all scopes. PROTEGGA Plus waterproof flooring underlayment is manufactured from polypropylene, which is impermeable to liquid. It is a durable, lightweight, and chemically resistant underfloor underlayment that provides easy tile installation, and labor saving. It is a crack isolating solution (floor mats), protecting your floor tiles and other surfaces by preventing potential damage and reducing grout stress from the substrate below. The tile underlayment membrane features an innovative Shear Stress Control mechanism along with a non-woven anchoring fleece. This combination effectively counteracts the stress resulting from substrate movement. This floor mat also features waterproofing capabilities, protecting your floors against environmental factors (vapor management), which provides open-air channels on the underside to allow water to dissipate. This product works well in direct interior, residential, and commercial infloor tile applications using cement based adhesive (thinset mortar adhesive). Works with a wide variety of surfaces - bathroom tile, kitchen tile, linoleum tiles, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, cement tiles, marble tile, stone tiles, granite, concrete blocks, and carpet tiles. It acts as an uncoupling membrane on all suitable substrates ( concrete blocks, oriented strand board, plywood sheets, cement slab, drywall). The product can be easily cut with a knife. Easy to install and ready to tile immediately after installation. It is a wonderful option for your home renovation, bathroom decor, or home decor needs. This uncoupling membrane can be used in professional or diy projects.

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