PROVA-MAT Waterproofing Polypropylene Membrane 15 Mil Thick by Squar Foot

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  • Prova mat flooring underlayment has a low permeability rating and provides a vapor barrier to make your bath, kitchen, steam room, sauna, or shower underlayment for tile waterproof
  • After allowing Prova underlayment membrane to fully cure, you are ready to proceed with the tile installation. It does not encourage the formation of undesirable substances
  • Prova mat waterproofing membrane is ICC Certified and fast sealing for immediate tile installation. It can be applied using thinset mortar adhesive under ceramic tile or natural stone tile
  • This membrane underlayment (floor mat) is durable and features a polyethylene construction. It is 15 mil in thickness
  • The membrane provides an effective waterproofing solution for modern bathrooms, steam rooms, residential living areas, and commercial spaces such as restaurants, galleries, hotels and malls (food courts, etc.)

Prova mat vapor-retarder waterproof membrane for home improvement provides superior protection for your shower tile and bathroom tile. It ensures a long-lasting and durable finish (high resistance) due to its ability to prevent water damage to floor tiles. The fabric of this waterproof flooring membrane binds the substrate below it and the layer above it (bathroom tiles and other types of floor tile). The Prova tile underlayment is installed using the uncoupling membrane mortar. This flooring underlayment has a low permeability rating for vapor protection in a shower or steam room to make your underlayment for tile waterproof. Prova tile membrane underlayment can also be used when renovating older floors or walls, including DIY projects, making it the ultimate solution for your waterproofing needs. Prova waterproofing membrane is uniquely engineered to deliver waterproofing and vapor-control home solutions, approved for residential and commercial environments, with high demand for vapor and water protection. Prova in-floor polyethylene premium underlayment offers superior waterproofing capabilities, making it perfect for shower stalls, preventing water or vapor from spreading to adjacent rooms while protecting your ceramic tile walls and floors from environmental factors. This floor underlayment is perfect for both new constructions and renovations in a variety of indoor spaces, including steam rooms, showers, bathrooms, bathtub surrounds, kitchens, balconies, terraces, and other wet areas. It is ideal for DIY projects, shower waterproofing, bathroom decor, home decor, kitchen decor, and room decor needs. Prova mat waterproofing membrane can be applied beneath a range of infloor tile (bathroom tile), such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite tile, marble tile, mosaic tile, natural stone tile. Achieve a professional finish that elevates the overall aesthetics of any space.

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