Profilitec Waterproof Shower Kit 36" x 36" with Drain Kit

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  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: the kit includes all the necessary elements to build or renovate an entirely waterproof and maintenance-free shower; 36 x 36 Inch shower tray, shower curb, waterproofing membrane, waterproofing strip, waterproof membrane ring, square grid support, grid ring, grid construction plug and 4” grid.
  • STEAM SHOWER-GRADE WATERPROOFING: all components are individually waterproofed with Foiltec membrane, made of waterproof and vapor-tight engineered laminated polyethylene (0.033 perm rating)
  • INCREASED DENSITY: High density EPS foam permits the installation of small mosaic size tiles on the shower tray, without any penetration into the foam.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: pre-waterproofed lightweight components significantly reduce installation time (up to 1 day), and make shower building process less labor intensive and less skill dependent
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

Showertec waterproof shower installation system was developed by Profilitec. Full System - Showertec is a system that encompasses all the necessary elements to build or renovate an entirely waterproof and maintenance-free shower. Showertec offers advantages that surpass current industry standards, which include: Steam shower-grade waterproofing with Foiltec membrane made of engineered laminated polyethylene. High-density, durable, pre-waterproofed foam elements that significantly reduce installation time and effort. Use of environment-friendly materials. Showertec makes the process to build a shower less labor intensive and less skill dependent resulting in more reliable performance and savings on installation and maintenance of a shower The Showertec No-Drain kit consists of the following of elements: A Pre-Sloped Shower Tray unit that incorporates the pre-attached Foiltec Waterproof and Vapour Tight Membrane, assuring simple and quick installation while meeting and exceeding installation standards for steam showers. A High-Density EPS Foam Shower Curb, which is pre-wrapped in Foiltec Waterproof Membrane has an opening along the side which allows easy height adjustment ( 5.9” or 2.95”) for low-curb shower designs. Foiltec Polyethylene Waterproof Membrane, vapor-tight (0.033 perm rating), soft and highly elastic material that can compensate for small movements between the substrate and the covering. Foiltec Sealing Strip Roll that will seal butt joints and floor/wall connections easily thanks to Foiltec membrane’s unique folding memory properties Foiltec Inside and Outside Corners, made from Foiltec waterproofing membrane. Showertec ABS Flange 2”, Waterproof membrane ring Showertec Square Grid Support, Grid Ring, Grid Construction Plug Showertec 

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