Profilitec Foiltec Waterproofing Membrane from Engineered Polyethylene Fabric 323 Sq Ft Roll (3.3' x 98.5')

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  • 15 Mil Thick - This waterproofing membrane fabric is thicker than many other membranes sold on the market and exceeds the American Standards for Load Bearing.
  • STEAM SHOWER-GRADE WATERPROOFING: Foiltec membrane is made of waterproof and vapor-tight engineered laminated polyethylene (0.033 perm rating)
  • EASE OF USE: Foiltec membrane's unique folding memory properties makes the waterproofing of linear or corner junctions convenient.
  • UNCOUPLING PROPERTIES: soft and highly elastic innovative material of the Folitec membrane can compensate small movements between the substrate and the covering thus helping to avoid tile cracking

Foiltec waterproofing membrane is a pliable sheet which is made of coupled polyethylene. The fabric is conceived to be laid in areas with a high presence of humidity. 

Suitable for vertical wall tiled coverings of shower boxes, it ensures non transmission of humidity in contiguous rooms. Laid while tiling, using a proper tile adhesive. 

  • The membrane in a soft and highly elastic material compensates as well small possible movements between the substrate and the covering
  • It is covered in anchoring fleece to hold the fabric in mortar.
  • ensuring the non-transmission of bacteria and harmful substances.

Information for Installation

  1. Ensure the base is level, smooth, clean and dry
  2. Seal any overlap between Foiltec, its accessories and any critical areas using flexible adhesive or waterproof glue.
  3. Cut the membrane to size before installation
  4. The membrane should be applied during the tile installation, using tile adhesive to install both the waterproof membrane and the tile covering.
  5. Check and guarantee the waterproofing of critical areas or corners using butyl tape.
  6. Install the flooring directly over the Foiltec membrane with tile adhesive. 

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