Profilitec Floortec Uncoupling Anti-Fracture Waterproofing Membrane

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Profilitec Floortec 1/8" Anti-Fracture Crack Isolation Uncoupling Waterproofing Underlayment Translucent Membrane oll (No Curling) for Bathroom Flooring Ceramic Tile Concrete Subfloor Stone

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  • Lay-Flat Technology: The composition of the high-density virgin polyethylene material is the result of innovative technology which limits curling of the membrane, allowing faster and easier installation
  • Translucency: Profilitec Floortec membrane was specifically designed as translucent to allow the ease of verifying thinset mortar coverage, preventing of voids during mortar placement
  • Features: Ensuring resistance against chemicals while providing an effective floor crack prevention solution. The membrane boasts a unique circular column structure, enhancing the bond strength among mortar-based adhesives, the membrane itself, and the tiles
  • Crafted to offer enduring reliability for a spectrum of DIY projects, whether indoor or outdoor. The 1/8 Inch tile membrane underlayment provides diverse substrate installations
  • Profilitec underlayment is compatible with different substrate types, including concrete, hydride slabs, plywood, drywall, and wooden subfloors

PROFILITEC Floortec is an uncoupling membrane that is placed between your floor surface (ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, stone tiles) and the substrate during flooring installation. This premium uncoupling floor underlayment offers a multi-layered shield of protection. It effectively safeguards against crack in the floor and water damage, enhancing floor stability while ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. It compensates for differential movement in all directions, neutralizing tension between the substrate (concrete or wood foundation) and surface tile. It comes in a convenient size, making it suitable for projects of all scopes. It is made from high density polyethylene, which provides flexibility and easy installation on difficult, uneven surfaces. The membrane also features waterproofing capabilities, protecting your floors against environmental factors (vapor management). The Profilitec Floortec translucent uncoupling membrane roll is easy to install, with a simple cut-and-apply process that makes it ideal for home improvement DIY projects. It can be easily cut with a utility knife and applied using thin-set mortar adhesive. It is a robust crack-proof, and uncoupling waterproofing membrane that protects floor tiles and other surfaces, preventing damage and reducing stress on the substrate. Works with most floor coverings when placed between the tile and the substrate and bonded using appropriate mortars. The Floortec uncoupling waterproofing and crack prevention membrane is ideal for use in your shower, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, hot tub surround and bathtub surround, laundry room, and living room. Whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Floortec membrane is the perfect solution for your indoor flooring needs. It is a wonderful option for your bathroom decor and home decor needs.

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