Profilitec Floortec 1/8 Inch Thick Lay-Flat Uncoupling Membrane Underlayment 323 Sq Ft Roll

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Floortec is an uncoupling membrane underlayment.  
The membrane is composed of high density polyethylene and is laminated with Spunbond non-woven fabric on the underside. The membrane is 1/8th Inch (3mm) thick.  

The geometric configuration of the membrane is designed as circular cavities arranged at regular horizontal and vertical intervals. During the installation phase, the circular cavities contain the adhesive, forming a solid column structure. 

The membrane carries out 4 main functions: 

  • TENSION COMPENSATION - The membrane absorbs differential movement in all directions, neutralizing tension between the support structures (concrete mortar bed or wood structures) and the flooring, hence preventing tile cracks.  
  •  VAPOR MANAGEMENT - The membrane mediates the moisture rising from a concrete mortar bed through the floor installation, allowing the flooring to be installed without waiting the usual curing time for concrete (28 days).  
  • LOAD RESISTANCE  - The column structure of the membrane provides increased load resistance. FLOORTEC is the first thin uncoupling membrane on the market to conform to Level 14 (Extra-Heavy Commercial) usage standard from the Tile Council National Association (ASTM C627).  
  • WATERPROOFING - The membrane material, HDPE (high density polyethylene), is waterproof. The top layer of the membrane blocks water infiltration, facilitating the natural water evaporation process. The mortar bed is therefore protected from water and not subjected to damage due to ice formation caused by low temperatures during the winter months. 
  • CRACK PREVENTION - FloorTec membrane neutralizes inevitable stress build-up due to differential movement in the substrate, changes in temperature and humidity and prevents damage to the tile surface.

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