nVent Nuheat Home AC0056 Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat, for Radiant Heated Floors, 120V/ 240V Cables, with an Extra OJ Electronics Floor Heating Temperature Sensor and Built-in GFCI

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Available in multiple models such as the AC055, AC056, and AC057. Made for Radiant Heating Floors - 120V/240V.

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For nVent Nuheat Home AC0056 Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat, for Radiant Heated Floors, 120V/ 240V Cables, with an Extra OJ Electronics Floor Heating Temperature Sensor and Built-in GFCI Contractor and Bulk Pricing, Contact Us!

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Through advanced programmable settings and accurate room temperature detection, the AC0055, AC0056, and AC0057 Nuheat Thermostats can help you find the optimal temperature for your home at all times of the day, and work with your schedule to keep the house at a great temperature, whether you're at home, at work, or anywhere in between, the temperature can be programmed to be energy efficient.

Yes, depending on your model, the Nuheat Thermostat is highly programmable, offering a convenient 7-day programmability feature. This means you can create personalized heating schedules for each day of the week, tailoring the temperature settings to match your daily routine and lifestyle. Whether you prefer to have your floor warm and cozy during the mornings or evenings, or you want to conserve energy during certain periods, the thermostat allows you to set up different temperature profiles to suit your needs. With its user-friendly interface, programming the Nuheat Thermostat is a breeze, giving you complete control over your floor heating system.

The Nuheat Thermostat is engineered to be highly versatile, supporting a wide range of flooring types, ensuring compatibility with your preferred floor covering. Whether you have a tile, stone, laminate, or engineered wood floor, this thermostat is designed to work seamlessly with all these materials. This adaptability makes it a perfect choice for various applications, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms. Regardless of the floor material you choose, the Nuheat Thermostat will provide reliable and consistent temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort in every room.

For some models, yes! Select Nuheat Thermostats come equipped with advanced Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling you to control and adjust settings remotely using your mobile devices or a web browser. Once connected to your home's Wi-Fi network, you can access the thermostat from anywhere, providing you with the convenience of managing your floor heating system even when you are away from home. Through the dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices or a user-friendly web interface, you can set desired temperatures, change schedules, and monitor energy usage, all with just a few taps on your smartphone or computer.

The AC0055 has wifi and programmability built into it, the AC0056 is programmable without wifi, and the AC0057 has neither wifi nor advanced programmability settings.

The manufacturer typically provides a warranty for these thermostats to ensure their reliability and performance.

Yes, some Nuheat thermostats are compatible with popular smart home systems like Nest and Control4.


Nuheat's nVent thermostats are designed specifically for controlling heated floors. These thermostats offer advanced features and functionality to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency for your heated floor system. We offer 3 variations of their popular thermostat, depending on your needs!

  • NuHeat Home has a user-friendly design with a high-res 3.5" color touchscreen thermometer. It makes the control and programming of your electric floor heating system extremely easy
  • It is a 7-day programmable floor heating thermostat that provides the flexibility to tailor heating to your specific needs, while an energy usage monitoring system helps you reduce your energy costs
  • NuHeat Home thermostat is compatible with both 120V and 240V floor heating cables. It has a physical on/off switch and is equipped with Class A GFCI protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
  • This thermostat is a great home improvement solution that helps to create a cozy kitchen environment, bathroom heated floor, and inviting space in your living room, dining room, bedroom and hallway
  • The NuHeat Home thermostat includes diagnostic tests and a setup wizard, both accessible upon initial power connection or after a factory reset, ensuring proper installation and providing basic setup guidance

The nVent NuHeat Home thermostat is a programmable electric floor heating thermostat, exclusively designed by nVent NuHeat. At the core of the NuHeat thermostat's capabilities is its user-friendly design, boasting a 3½" color touchscreen and 7-day programmability. This thermostat provides an early-start feature that adjusts power-on times based on recent temperature trends, optimizing heating schedules. Moreover, with dual-voltage compatibility (120 V & 240 V floor heating cables) and built-in Class A GFCI protection, the thermostat prioritizes safety and versatility for all types of bedrooms. Nuheat Home offers a range of benefits, including easy connectivity, energy use monitoring, and suitability for various flooring types of floor tile such as ceramic tile, shower tile, mosaic tile, marble tile, glass tile, stone tile or even granite tile. This thermostat will meet your home improvement needs whether you're installing a bathroom heated floor or building new heated floors in your bedroom, kitchen, dining rooms, foyers, or living area. Create a cozier, cost-effective lifestyle. It's suitable for both professional and DIY projects of any scale.​​​​​​​ Elevate your home decor, bathroom decor, kitchen decor, or room decor with NuHeat Home floor heating thermostat. The thermostat offers users a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tests to ensure proper installation and functionality. Additionally, it includes a System tests option accessible upon initial power connection or after a factory reset. Moreover, the thermostat features a setup wizard designed to facilitate the basic setup process, available under the same conditions as the system tests option. Take control of your heating, reduce costs, and enjoy a warmer, more efficient home with under tile floor heating system. Create a cozier, cost-effective lifestyle. It's suitable for both professional and DIY projects of any scale.

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