nVent Nuheat Peel & Stick Uncoupling Waterproofing Membrane 39” x 39” (10.6 Sq Ft) For Heating Floors, 0.22" Thick Underlayment

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For nVent Nuheat Peel & Stick Uncoupling Waterproofing Membrane 39” x 39” (10.6 Sq Ft) For Heating Floors, 0.22" Thick Underlayment Contractor and Bulk Pricing, Contact Us!


  • Less mess: Eliminating the lower layer of thinset means it doesn't ooze up through the seams and no mixing or cleanup of thinset is required when installing the membrane onto the substrate.
  • High performance crack resistance: achieves the same "High Performance" rating on ANSI A118.12 System Crack Resistance test as regular nVent NUHEAT Membrane.
  • Faster installation: takes 40% less time to install based on contractor time trials.
  • Less floor height build-up: Eliminating the lower layer of thinset reduces the total height of the floor assembly by about 1/8", lessening the likelihood that transition strips are required for adjacent flooring surfaces.
  • No modifications required for cable fitment: accommodates nVent NUHEAT Cable, including the cold lead joint, the end seal, and the sensor probe without cutting or modification.

About the Product:

nVent NUHEAT Peel&Stick Membrane does not have a layer of fabric bonded to the bottom like our standard Membrane; instead, a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied directly to the underside of the polypropylene structure and the adhesive is protected by a release liner.

The other unique features of nVent NUHEAT Peel & Stick Membrane are the mortar vents cut into the top of each pillar. These vents ensure a permanent bond by allowing mortar applied above the membrane to adhere to both the substrate and the floor covering materials.

The first step when installing any membrane product is to dry fit the membrane for the entire area, ensuring you have sufficient supply for the job and cutting down sections to facilitate fitment as required. Once the pre-fitting is complete, the substrate must be cleaned and then prepped with any standard acrylic floor primer, readily available at most home improvement retailers and flooring distributors. Once the primer has begun to dry and feels slightly tacky to the touch, the release liner can be removed and Peel & Stick Membrane can be applied to the treated surface.

The bond created between the adhesive and the treated substrate is very strong; however, to ensure a long-lasting, high-performance floor assembly that lives up to the nVent NUHEAT 25-year product warranty, the final permanent bond relies on the mortar applied on top of the membrane. Mortar flows through the vents, bonding to the substrate below. By applying either modified or unmodified thinset mortar to embed the heating cable and secure the floor covering, air gaps within the membrane pillars are sufficient to ensure the assembly still achieves the same High Performance rating on the ANSI A118.12 System Crack Resistance test that the standard nVent NUHEAT Membrane achieves.

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