Montolit Masterpiuma Power 5 Manual Tile Cutter For Large Format Tiles

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Montolit Masterpiuma Power 5 Ergonomic Manual Tile Cutter, Cutting Tool for Tough and Delicate Large Format Ceramic Tiles for Floor and Wall Installation

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  • Montolit Power 5 tile cutter is suitable for tiles up to 3/4" (2cm) thick. It comes in 24.5" (63 cm), 29" (75 cm), 36" (93 cm), 51.5" (131 cm), 63.5" (161 cm) models

  • The Montolit ceramic tile cutter frame is sized and structured in the points of greatest stress with the insertion of “reinforcement brackets” that optimize the machine's behavior for front cuts, thick cuts, or full-body porcelain

  • The tile cutter hand tool features an oversized goniometric square that can rotate both to the right (+45°) and to the left (-45°), allowing precise cuts at different angles

  • An expanded ceramic cutter support surface or robust die-cast aluminum wings are perfectly integrated into the frames, ensuring improved support to large tiles with diagonal cuts without leaving the machine profile

  • The tile cutter features a double trestle splitting, which can be closed for normal cuts and opened for cuts on the corner or for mosaic ceramic tile sheets

About the Product:

The multifunction, power, and precision are the key features of the Montolit Masterpiuma manual tile cutter. Built on the principle of "All in One," these machines are always ready for action. With a focus on tackling the latest ceramic materials, including tough porcelain and delicate vitrified tiles, this tile cutter offers unparalleled performance. Featuring an ergonomic handle design that ensures comfortable handling during use, this cutting tool has been crafted with superior quality materials to ensure clean cuts without chipping or breakage in even the toughest surfaces like glass tile! The oversized goniometric square is almost symmetrical and can rotate both to the right (+ 45 °) and to the left (- 45 °), allowing precise cuts in succession at any angle thanks to the ingenious folding stop, maintaining the impressive Montolit feature of being able to be closed within the shape of the machine. This is ideal for accuracy as well as setting up and closing quickly on the job site, handling and transporting. The built-in measurement guide helps you get accurate lines for cleaner styles too. This manual tile cutter also features die-cast aluminum wings perfectly integrated into the frames for superior support on diagonal cuttings, reinforced brackets at points of greatest stress & largest length capacity, which makes it ideal for professional installers looking to achieve perfection with ease. So if you're tired of struggling through your next ceramic tilling project, then let this tile cutter do all hard work while producing pristine results everytime! Made in Italy. These tile cutter is suitable for various type of wall or floor tile, including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, cement tile, granite tile, marble tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, and natural stone tile, making them versatile tools for both professional and DIY home improvement projects. It does all hard work while producing pristine results everytime!

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