Mapei 2850230 Mapeguard WP 200 Uncoupling Crack Isolation Waterproofing Membrane 323 Sq Ft Roll (3.3 Ft x 98.5 Ft), For Ceramic Tile And Stone Tile 0.02 Inch Thick Underlayment (94502-30)

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For Mapei 2850230 Mapeguard WP 200 Uncoupling Crack Isolation Waterproofing Membrane 323 Sq Ft Roll (3.3 Ft x 98.5 Ft), For Ceramic Tile And Stone Tile 0.02 Inch Thick Underlayment (94502-30) Contractor and Bulk Pricing, Contact Us!


  • Mapeguard WP 200 is a waterproofing and vapor control flooring underlayment with high-performance crack isolation up to 1/8 Inch (3 mm). It has a uniform thickness with a thin profile
  • Mapeguard membrane for home improvement allows immediate tiling after installation. This tile underlayment has a low permeability rating per ASTM E96, Method E, for vapor protection
  • The waterproof uncoupling membrane for tile has a polyethylene layer with laminated, nonwoven polypropylene fabric on both sides. It is lightweight for easy handling and fast installation
  • You can use it with interior/exterior residential and commercial floor tiles and walls (homes, apartments, condominiums, office buildings, restaurants, galleries, and malls)
  • Mapei waterproof floor underlayment is intended to be used in steam room, shower, bathroom, bathtub surrounds, kitchen, laundry room, and living/dining rooms in residential and commercial environments

About the Product:

Mapeguard WP200 is a thin, flexible polyethylene sheet premium underlayment membrane with a nonwoven polypropylene fabric on both sides. It provides superior flooring protection, crack isolation, and waterproofing for ceramic tile and stone installations.  Mapei Mapeguard WP provides an effective waterproofing solution for modern bathrooms, residential living areas, and commercial spaces such as restaurants, galleries, and malls (food courts, lobbies, foyers).

The Mapeguard WP's laminated fabric webbing binds the membrane to the substrate and the upper layer (bathroom tiles). It is installed using the uncoupling membrane mortar (thin-set mortar adhesive).

Mapeguard membrane has a low permeability rating for vapor protection in showers and steam rooms to make your underlayment for tile waterproof.

Mapeguard tile membrane underlayment can also be used when renovating older floors, including DIY projects. It addresses the existing in-plane cracks in the bathroom tile subfloor and prevents lateral stresses in plywood floors from being transferred to the finished tile floor or stone tiles. Moreover, it allows for immediate tiling after installation, making it perfect for time-sensitive bathroom floor tile construction.

A modern residential house often has a combination of water sources such as bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, and steam rooms. Mapei’s Mapeguard WP waterproofing membrane is uniquely engineered to deliver waterproofing, crack-isolation, and vapor-control home solutions. With its low perm rating, the WP 200 system is approved for residential and commercial use, with critical demand for vapor and water protection.

Please be advised that ceramic, porcelain, travertine, limestone, marble, agglomerates, glass tile, or stone set over Mapeguard WP 200 may require the use of a self-leveling underlayment or a cured mud-bed application.

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