Mapei 2850930 Mapeguard UM 1/8 Inch Thick Uncoupling Crack Isolation and Waterproofing Membrane Underlayment 323 Square Feet Roll (9 Rolls Bundle)

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  • Mapei Mapeguard UM premium-performance lightweight, waterproofing and vapor-pressure-equalizing underlayment membrane effectively safeguards against crack in the floor permeation and water damage, enhancing floor stability. It ensures high durability and longevity of flooring
  • Mapei membrane's material is translucent to allow easy verification of thinset mortar coverage at a glance, preventing gaps during mortar application. Its cavity design allows easy single-pass filling, saving time and mortar
  • Reduced "roll memory" technology (less curling) keeps the membrane flat during installation. Its unique tri-layer construction enhances the bond strength of mortar-based adhesives
  • Mapeguard UM polypropylene membrane roll 1/8" (3 mm) thick, covers 323 Sq Ft (30 Sq M). Roll dimensions are 39.4" x 98.4' (1 m x 30 m)
  • Mapei underlayment is compatible with different substrate types, including young concrete, hydride slabs, plywood, drywall and wooden subfloors. It is approved for radiant heating application


Mapei Mapeguard UM is a thin, lightweight, flexible premium flooring underlayment polypropylene membrane (floor mats), textured with foil, backing fleece, and fiber reinforcement mesh. It provides premium uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing characteristics for ceramic tile and stone installations, delivering unparalleled performance in commercial and residential sectors. The membrane compensates for differential movement in all directions, neutralizing tension between the substrate (concrete, wood) and tile covering. It addresses the existing cracks in the different tiled subfloors and prevents lateral stresses in plywood floors from being transferred to the finished floor tiles (bathroom tile, kitchen tiles). It is made from polypropylene, which provides excellent flexibility and durability. The Mapeguard UM translucent design makes it easy to verify the underlying thin-set adhesive application, ensuring even mortar coverage. Mapei Mapeguard uncoupling membrane for tile is easy to cut and comes in a convenient size of 323 Sq Ft. The uniquely engineered tri-layered design absorbs shear stress from the substrate without transferring this force to the tile or stone flooring. Mapeguard UM is highly resistant to chemicals. It is engineered to provide waterproofing characteristics and vapor management solutions. This infloor uncoupling layer (floor mat) can be used with ceramic tiles, vinyl tile, porcelain tiles, cement tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, stone tiles, concrete blocks and linoleum tiles. Mapei uncoupling waterproofing and crack prevention membrane (underfloor mat) is ideal for use in your shower, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, hot tub surround and bathtub surround, laundry room and living room floors. It is a superior option for your bathroom decor, room decor, kitchen decor and home decor needs. Mapeguard tile underlayment membrane can be used in home renovation, kitchen tile flooring and DIY home improvement projects.

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