LevelTec Tile Installation System - Reusable Leveling Cap (50 Pieces)

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  • SYSTEM DESIGN: The system consists of a reusable cap and a series of spacers (linear, cross or half-cross) for joint thickness ranging from 1 to 5 mm (the spacers are sold separately).
  • INCREASED PRECISION: Reduced tie-base does not interfere with the thickness of the glue and keeps the tiles in the correct position during the glue drying and shrinkage.
  • EASE OF USE: Easy leveling adjustment with few degrees of rotation automatically applies proper vertical pressure, removing the need of further side action on the tiles and reducing time spent leveling by 50% compared to other systems


Leveltec is an innovative patented tiles laying system that resolves any leveling problems during the installation of tiles. With the increased use of large tile sizes, this system is becoming more necessary.

It is the first leveling system that requires no tools for both installation and disassembly, using an automated screw system that works with a simple click.

How does it work?

This system consists of two simple elements: a cap and spacers. (sold separately)

The spacer has a dual function: it works both as a leveler and a spacer. Thanks to its thin and curved base, the spacer is easily positioned between the tiles without interfering with tile thickness and being perforated, allows better glue anchoring.

The cap, with its ergonomic shape, fits easily around the spacer with a simple click, without screwing.

A light rotation of the cap is sufficient to ensure a correct and homogeneous vertical pressure, for a perfect tile leveling.

After leveling and, once the glue is completely dry, you hit the cap breaking the spacer which is eliminated without leaving impurities among the tiles that can prevent tile natural thermal expansion.

The spacer has an arrow head indicating the direction of the breaking which, especially for cross shaped spacers, may not be so obvious.

The part of the spacer that remains inside the cap, is expelled very quickly, without any need to unscrew, and the cap is immediately ready to be used again.

An overview of the spacers

Profilitec Leveltec system features three types of spacers all available in four different thicknesses depending on the joint to do (1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm)

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