Laticrete Strata Mat XT Uncoupling Membrane Roll 150 Sq Ft

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  • Laticrete Strata Mat XT tile underlayment membrane can be used as a vapor management layer, protecting the floor tile covering from water leaks and water damage
  • Laticrete underlayment membrane is equipped with mortar hydration dissipation vents that create a mechanical bond between the mat and tile adhesive. It also helps to shorten the time before grouting
  • Strata Mat XT membrane allows to see thinset mortar coverage underneath the floor mat during installation without having to lift to visually verify. It helps to prevent gaps during mortar installation
  • Laticrete Strata Mat XT Uncoupling Membrane eliminates transmission of in-plane substrate cracks of up to 1/8" (3 mm). It provides the support and load distribution for tile and stone covering
  • Laticrete Strata Mat membrane can be laid over different types of substrate such as concrete blocks, mortar bed, oriented strand board, plywood sheets, cement slab, and cement terrazzo

Strata Mat XT floor underlayment is the ultimate choice for ensuring the longevity, durability, and flawless finish of your floor tile (kitchen tile or bathroom tile) and stone installations. Engineered for enduring strength, Laticrete Strata Mat XT provides the required support (load distribution) and establishes a robust foundation for floor covering (stone flooring). Strata Mat XT underlayment membrane acts as a decoupling protective barrier, safeguarding your surfaces from potential crack in the floor and water damage (water barrier). Its specialized structure enhances the bond characteristics between surface materials and the substrate. The underfloor membrane establishes a mechanical connection between the underlayment and the thinset mortar, facilitating expedited curing of the mortar. This results in an enhanced tile bond, reducing the time required for installation before grouting. The Laticrete Strata Mat XT Uncoupling Membrane (floor mat) prevents the passage of in-plane substrate cracks measuring up to 1/8" (3 mm). It offers the necessary load distribution and support for tile and stone coverings. This membrane facilitates infloor layout since chalk lines are easily visible on the surface before tiling. It allows the proper mortar to be used in accordance with industry standards. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and quick to install with commonly used tools. The Strata Mat is suitable for interior non-industrial vehicle traffic applications. Once the underlayment for tile has cured, you can lay over different types of floor tiles, such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tiles, linoleum tiles, vinyl tile, marble tiles, porcelain tiles, vinyl flooring, or stone tiles directly on top of it. Strata Mat comes in a convenient size, making it suitable for professional home improvement or diy projects of all scopes. It is a wonderful option for your room decor, bathroom decor, kitchen decor, and home decor needs.

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