Laticrete Hydro BAN Waterproofing Vapor Retarder Membrane Roll

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Laticrete Hydro BAN Waterproofing Vapor Retarder Membrane Roll, for Ceramic Tile and Stone Tile, Flooring Underlayment for Bathroom, Steam Room, Shower, or Tub Surrounds

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  • Hydro Ban sheet membrane showcases outstanding flexibility, adapting to diverse substrate surfaces with its pliable nature, ensuring a smooth installation process that minimizes challenges and maximizes efficiency
  • It is compatible with both modified and unmodified thin-set, this membrane offers flexibility in installation methods to suit different project requirements
  • Laticrete waterproofing membrane can be used with a wide range of substrates, including concrete, masonry, plywood, ceramic tile, and more. It offers versatility and reliability for various construction projects
  • Hydro Ban membrane enables fast and hassle-free waterproofing installations, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the system for the entire lifespan of your project
  • This flooring underlayment has a low permeability rating for vapor protection in showers and steam rooms to make your bath, kitchen, or shower underlayment for tile waterproof

Laticrete Hydro Ban sheet membrane stands as a versatile solution for waterproofing, crafted to be seamlessly installed using an appropriate thin-set mortar on various substrates. Its polymeric composition extends its utility beyond mere waterproofing, doubling as a vapor barrier for steam room and shower applications. This membrane streamlines the waterproofing process, promising both speed and simplicity while maintaining structural integrity throughout its lifespan. Its pliable design ensures easy conformity to substrates and simplifies installation. Compatibility with other waterproofing products further extends its applicability, providing a cohesive and reliable solution. It functions as both a waterproof and vapor-proof uncoupling membrane for tile. Hydro Ban sheet membrane is a high-performance low-perm waterproofing sheet membrane for use in interior, residential and commercial waterproofing applications including steam showers and steam rooms. Constructed of a thin, durable polyethylene core with a fused non-woven polypropylene exterior surface for optimum bond strength. Allows for quick easy waterproofing installations which will retain their integrity for the life of the installation. In case of excessive substrate movement, it effectively absorbs stress, preserving the surface and integrity of the ceramic floor tile. It comes in a convenient size, making it suitable for professional home improvement or DIY projects of all scopes. This membrane underlayment can also be used when renovating older kitchen tile flooring, basement flooring, and bathroom floor tile. Designed for use with various infloor tiles, such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite tile, marble tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, and natural stone tile. Laticrete Hydro Ban makes installation a breeze, saving you time and effort. It is a great option for your room decor, bathroom decor, kitchen decor, and home decor needs.

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