Kiesel Servoperl Royal High-Strength Stain And Water Repellent Grout 11lbs (5kg), Alumina Cement Based, Designed For Walls, Floor Tile Installations

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For Kiesel Servoperl Royal High-Strength Stain And Water Repellent Grout 11lbs (5kg), Alumina Cement Based, Designed For Walls, Floor Tile Installations Contractor and Bulk Pricing, Contact Us!


Kiesel Servoperl cement-based grout is suitable for filling tile joint widths from 1/32“ - 3/8“ (1 - 10 mm) in interior and exterior applications or even in underwater applications
Unique non-Portland-based cement formula with acrylic polymers in the grout mix doesn't require sealing and provides substantially higher resistance to chemical cleaning agents compared to conventional Portland cement grouts

The grout is suitable for ceramic tiles, stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain stoneware in damp/wet and swimming pool areas. Also, appropriate for heated screeds and drywall dividing walls

Due to a highly dense mortar structure, this cement-based grout provides particular characteristics regarding its mechanical durability and abrasion resistance.
Kiesel grout is crack/ shrink resistant and ready for light foot traffic just after 6 hours. Various grout cement mix colors are available to hide tile adhesive neatly. Kiesel grout is chemically engineered to be color accurate, efflorescence free, and fast-setting, making it open to light traffic after just 6 hours.

These engineered characteristics help avoid the 'washing-out' of joints during installation. Kiesel Servoperl Royal grout can be used in both residential and commercial applications - over standard and heated floors (with or without uncoupling membrane underlayment) and is suitable for submerged applications, like swimming pools and ponds. Kiesel Servoperl does not require grout sealer. The large variety of colored grout for mosaic and ceramic tiles is available in 26 shades. Various grout cement mix colors can match any interior or exterior tile color. Use and mix the same batches for color consistency.

Before applying the grout, moisten the tile surface with a damp cloth or sponge, using minimal water so the grout joints remain dry. To correctly fill in the grout joints, press in the grout using the appropriate float in a diagonal motion. Begin to clean the surface from where it was first applied with a sponge, using as little water as possible. Sufficient strength is reached as soon as finger pressure can cause a slight depression of the mortar without sticking to your finger (usually between 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the tile absorbency). The residue of cement on the surface can be removed after an hour with a damp sponge. Always seal your stone tiles before grouting (follow the sealer manufacturer's instructions). Do not use ice-cold or hot water. Some tiles have higher water absorbency than others. Biscuit, white body tile is highly absorbent. When grouting a large area, grout and clean one section at a time rather than applying grout over the entire area and changing the rinse water frequently

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