Drexma UDG-4999 Programmable Floor Thermostat with Buttons

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Drexma UDG-4999 Programmable Floor Thermostat with Class A GFCI, Dual Sensing, Dual Voltage, for Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems, 120-240 V Heating Cables

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  • An “all-in-one” programmable thermostat for electric underfloor heating control where optimal comfort temperature and minimum energy consumption is required.
  • Simple user interface and thoughtful installation. Simple operation - no need for manual. Pre-programmed for quick set-up
  • Monitored energy consumption.
  • Large back-lit display for easy reading.
  • Multi voltage: 120-240 V (incl. 208 V). Output relay: 15 A. 15 mA EGFPD for ground fault protection

The Drexma floor heating thermostat offers unmatched connectivity and convenience. Through its intuitive interface and advanced features, homeowners can effortlessly manage their floor heating system. It is compatible with popular smart home devices and automation systems and seamlessly integrates into existing setups. Its ability to show real-time local weather reports means users can change heating settings in advance, for maximum comfort and energy savings. At the core of the Drexma thermostat's capabilities is its user-friendly design. Moreover, with dual-voltage compatibility (120 V & 240 V) and built-in Class A GFCI protection, the thermostat prioritizes safety and versatility. Drexma thermostat offers a range of benefits, including WiFi-enabled connectivity, and energy use monitoring. It is suitable for various floor tile such as ceramic tile, shower tile, mosaic tile, marble tile, stone tile or even granite tile. This thermostat will meet your home improvement needs whether you're installing a bathroom heated floor or building new heated floors in your bedroom, kitchen, dining rooms, foyers, or living area. Create a cozier, cost-effective lifestyle. It's suitable for both professional and DIY projects of any scale.​​​​​​​ Elevate your home decor, bathroom decor, kitchen decor, or room decor with this floor heating thermostat. Take control of your heating, reduce costs, and enjoy a warmer, more efficient home with under tile floor heating. The user-friendly interface ensures easy operation, even in varying lighting conditions. The Drexma UDG-4999 Programmable Thermostat with built-in GFCI is a “all-in-one” programmable thermostat for electric underfloor heating, providing optimal comfort temperature with minimum energy consumption. Designed for efficient setup, it fits neatly into standard electrical boxes, providing a clean and integrated look with easy access to wiring connections.

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