ARDEX FLEXBONE UI 740 Uncoupling Waterproofing Polyethylene Membrane 54 Sq Ft Roll

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  • The ARDEX FLEXBONE UI 740 underlayment membrane. Germany made
  • Effective uncoupling action protects your surfaces, tiles, and grout joints from cracking or buckling due to natural movements and changes in the subfloor caused by wetness and temperature shifts
  • The unique bone-shaped stud pattern fills with thinset mortar with just one pass, and its grip lock technology creates an extremely strong mortar-to-membrane bond for strong tile adhesion
  • Ventilation channels in the FLEXBONE pattern compensate for vapor, and special high performance felt helps provide vapor equalization. It also features waterproofing capabilities
  • Take advantage of the FLEXBONE 740's Extra Heavy load bearing rating to protect your tile in high-stress areas (commercial and residential) - shops, restaurants, kitchens, hallways, gyms, offices, foyers, hotels, hospitals, food courts, and other busy traffic areas

The ARDEX UI 740 is a durable uncoupling crack isolation membrane for safe tile flooring installation. It lays over the subfloor below, which protects the tiles and surfaces above from harmful developments such as lateral movement, shifts, and existing cracks. With its load-bearing capabilities, this waterproofing membrane can be used to protect your tile and floors in heavy and high-traffic areas. Its ventilation channels and high-performance felt allow vapor pressure to equalize, which is an important factor in basement flooring renovation and for installation on wood and virgin concrete subfloors. Vapor equalization is vital where risks of humid emission are significant to prevent the formation of trapped water under the membrane. The distinct bone-shaped stud design of the membrane's surface readily accepts thinset mortar adhesive. As the adhesive dries, the undercuts on each stud enhance its grip, boosting adherence and reducing curing time. The studs support and protect the tiles above while improving flexibility and absorbing lateral shear movement. This improves tile and grout joint longevity and saves money on renovation. It is a durable crack-isolating and uncoupling membrane, protecting your floor tiles and other floor covering by preventing potential damage and reducing grout stress from the substrate below. ARDEX UI 740 works with a wide variety of surfaces - linoleum tiles, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, porcelain tiles, cement tiles, marble tiles, natural stone tiles, granite, laminate flooring, concrete blocks, carpet tiles, existing tile, cracked surfaces, painted floors, and mixed substrates. The ARDEX UI 740, made in Germany, will exceed your DIY home improvement project demands - whether you're installing bathroom tile, shower tile, or building a floor for your bedroom, hallway, balcony, basement, kitchen, dining room, foyer, or any other living area, this uncoupling membrane will live up to the task.

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