ARDEX FLEXBONE Thermostat for Radiant Heating Floors 120V/240V

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Wi-Fi programmable thermostat 
5mA built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) 120/240 Volts
Easy to use 3.5" touch displays. Ability to track and log power consumption
Floor temperature sensor included

Ardex UH 900 Wi-Fi thermostat
Ardex UH 931 Programmable Touchscreen thermostat
Ardex UH 932 Non-programmable thermostat

The ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT Warranty is a 10-Year comprehensive system warranty that covers substrate preparation, waterproofing, mortar, grout and all the components of the ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT System!
All ARDEX FLEXBONEHEAT Thermostats are used to control the ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT CABLES (120V or 240V). Each thermostat comes with a floor temperature sensor and built-in 5mA ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) with indicator light for easy monthly testing of the system. The ARDEX FLEXBONEHEAT Power Module may be used in conjunction with all thermostats when the heating load exceeds 15 amps.

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