Ardex FLEXBONE UH 910 Radiant Floor Heating Cable

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Heat Wire For Indoor Floor Warming Installation To Use With Thermostat For Home

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  • Heated Area 15-247.5 Sq Ft, Voltage 120/240V, Average Power per Sq Ft 10-11.5 Watts, Cable Length 39.6-744.8 Ft, Power 150-2849 Watts, Current 1.25-14 Amps. To be used in various rooms with various floor coverings
  • Ardex FLEXBONE UH 910 radiant floor wire is an affordable and efficient solution for underfloor heating. Compatible with an uncoupling heat membrane by various manufacturers
  • It is controlled by home thermostats, e.g. WiFi thermostat (sold separately), allowing you to easily program and control the temperature in any room. Ardex 120/240V heater cable will do its job regardless of its shape or configuration
  • UH 910 electric cable is ideal for use in floor heating system under tile together with uncoupling membrane (heating mat). By using those elements, you can build an electric floor heating system for your bathroom, kitchen
  • Ardex Heating Cable is used as a source of radiant heat for tile floor, wood, laminated parquet, stone, and other types of flooring for indoor application

Available Models:

  • UH 910-15
  • UH 910-22
  • UH 910-28
  • UH 910-36
  • UH 910-42
  • UH 910-49
  • UH 910-55
  • UH 910-63
  • UH 910-68
  • UH 910-81
  • UH 910-95
  • UH 910-108
  • UH 910-122
  • UH 910-134
  • UH 910-151
  • UH 910-172
  • UH 910-194
  • UH 910-216
  • UH 910-248

About The Product:

ARDEX FLEXBONE UH 910 electric in floor heat cable is the perfect solution for any home improvement project - DIY or professional. This cable is UL certified (designed in Germany), providing maximum heat spread with minimal wattage. This cable is available in both 120V and 240V versions, with cable length options ranging 39 to 744 Ft (12 m to 227 m) depending on the cable model. The heated floor system provides complete floor heat coverage n steam room, shower, bathroom, bathtub surrounds, balcony, kitchen, living and dining rooms. It is an efficient solution for radiant floor heating system controlled by a heat mat thermostat. Suits ceramic, porcelain, cement, granite, marble, glass, mosaic, natural stone tiles, concrete block, and linoleum floors.

FLEXBONE UH 910 is designed with aluminum tubing and FEP cable insulation, making it heat resistant up to 401°F (205°C). The aluminum tubing also guarantees zero electromagnetic fields, and the cold/hot junction is self-contained within the cable. This eliminates the need for bulky connection boxes. Additionally, FLEXBONE UH 910 requires 11% less wattage per square foot than other brands of radiant heating system, making it an economical choice for your tile floor (applied using thinset mortar adhesive).

UH 910 is an ideal choice for those looking for a heated flooring system. The electric floor heating cable is perfect for use with radiant floor heating thermostats (programmable thermostat).

For those looking for a reliable electric floor heat cable to use as a radiant heater, ARDEX FLEXBONE UH 910 is a great choice. Don’t wait to start enjoying the comfort of a heated floor under tile with our floor heaters for indoor use. Using our cable for your under floor heating system, you can easily achieve the luxurious feeling of a floor warming system.

Take advantage of this chance to upgrade your living area with our Ardex infloor heating system and enjoy the comfort of a heated floor electric system.

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