Ardex Ardipeg Self-Leveling Pins , 2 1/2” (64 mm), Easy-to-use , Time-saving Tile Leveler Spacers, 250 Pieces Pack, for Self-Leveling Underlayments, Stone and Ceramic Floor Tile

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For Ardex Ardipeg Self-Leveling Pins , 2 1/2” (64 mm), Easy-to-use , Time-saving Tile Leveler Spacers, 250 Pieces Pack, for Self-Leveling Underlayments, Stone and Ceramic Floor Tile Contractor and Bulk Pricing, Contact Us!

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  • Ardex Ardipeg self-leveling pins are highly effective in providing accurate elevation measurements, ensuring a flawless application for various tiling projects
  • These self-leveling pins effortlessly blend into the matrix, becoming an almost invisible part of the surface, thereby preserving the aesthetic integrity of the finished product
  • The Ardex Ardipeg provides an inexpensive and user-friendly option for elevation mapping, resulting in significant time and cost savings for construction projects
  • Constructed from easy-to-cut plastic and featuring prominently displayed measurements in both inches and millimeters, the Ardipeg is designed for convenient and straightforward use across various applications
  • It can be applied beneath a range of infloor tile (bathroom tile), such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite tile, marble tile, mosaic tile, and natural stone tile


Ardex self-leveling pins represent an essential component in the toolkit of any tiling professional or DIY projects. Their primary function lies in facilitating meticulous elevation mapping, crucial for achieving flawless tiling outcomes. By ensuring the accurate application of self-leveling underlayments and toppings, these pins contribute significantly to the overall quality and durability of tiled surfaces. What sets self-leveling pins apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate into the substrate, effectively becoming an invisible part of the matrix. This characteristic not only enhances the visual appeal of the finished tiling but also maintains the structural integrity of the surface. One of the key advantages of self-leveling pins is their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Ardex Ardipeg offers a convenient and budget-friendly solution for elevation mapping in tiling projects. Its 2 1/2” (64 mm) size, along with the adhesive strip ensuring secure placement during pouring, simplifies the task at hand. Additionally, the practical design of self-leveling pins makes them adaptable to various tiling scenarios. Their easy-to-cut plastic construction and clear, dual measurements in inches and millimeters make them suitable for both small-scale home renovations and large commercial tiling projects alike. In essence, self-leveling pins are indispensable tools that combine precision, efficiency, and affordability, making them essential for achieving professional-quality tiling results with ease. These pins will meet your home improvement needs in your bedroom, kitchen, dining rooms, foyers, or living area. Ardex Adripeg can be used in home decor, bathroom decor, kitchen decor, or room decor needs. It is suitable for various floor tile applications such as ceramic tile, shower tile, mosaic tile, marble tile, stone tile, granite tile or even glass tile. The user-friendly design makes an installation a breeze, saving time and effort. It is specifically crafted for bathroom, bathtub surround, shower system, and various living areas.

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