Nuheat Mesh Electric Radiant Floor Heating System Features nVent Heating Cable 240V Pre-Attached To Adjustable Adhesive Strip And Roll Heat Mat

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nVent NUHEAT Mesh is an easy-to-install and modifiable electric flooring installation kit best suited for square or rectangular areas where onsite adjustments are required.
The nVent NUHEAT Mesh floor safe heating system consists of a heating cable attached to a self-adhesive mesh which allows installers to stick the heating system onto the subfloor during the layout process. Simply roll out onto the subfloor and cut/turn the roll (be careful not to cut/damage the heating wire) until the desired underfloor heating area is covered.
The nVent NUHEAT Mesh floor heating system is suitable for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, dining rooms, halls, entryways, and other living areas. Mesh is best suited for square and rectangular-shaped areas with some on-site flexibility. The heating wire is attached to a roll of adhesive mesh material. Mesh kits can be controlled using the WiFi programmable and non-programmable thermostat for home options (thermostats sold separately). Choose the mesh kit that is best suited for the size of the room/area and configure on-site to provide floor heat in the desired areas of the room.

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